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Chivalry 2 review
by xXWoodinatorXx

This game looks like it’s going to hit the spot. The combat isn’t perfect but does have a good weighty feel to it. I played this at launch when it was free for a day or so and the performance is much better now. 

I am having a blast. I don’t know if this game will have a lot of longevity. It feels like the type of game that I’ll have a great time with and then it will turn on a dime and I’ll be over it. And that moment might come in a week, or a few months. But for now I’m having a blast. It’s unique. I’m getting the hang of mechanics and the feel of the game. I’d even say I’m pretty good now. There are moments that feel like battlefield moments. Random funny or cool encounters.

This game is great. I love it. There’s more depth to it than I thought. The more I play the more I’ve figured out different play styles and strategies. At first I essentially thought the big swords or axes were the best and there wasn’t a lot of reason to use the other types of weapons. Then I found out the pole man and his trusty pole hammer is great at getting long range kills in groups. Especially with a heavy overhead. But it isn’t great at 1v1 duels where they get in close. But the two classes that have a shield and one armed weapon are great at 1v1 duels.

I’m fully in now. I’m unlocking skins on weapons I like and new armour sets. My knight looks dope. Same with my Agatha poleman. My guys are looking fresh. I’m also usually top 3-5 on my team most games. Not bad out of 32 people. I’m having a really fun time. It’s weirdly addicting. Or maybe just weirdly fun that I often want to play another round.

I love the feel of this game with one exception. Throwing weapons sucks and it would be so fun if it was actually reliable. I would love to be chucking axes at people but it’s so hard to press those buttons at the same time. I accidentally swing like 2/3rds of the time which makes it so hard to hit a target. It’s honestly not really worth it unless you are in a safe spot from a distance but then it’s hard to hit a long range throw anyways so like it’s rarely ever worth it. But the melee combat is so good. It’s slow but it works because there’s so many people and you need to have a half second to react and counter. And the different weapons and classes feel balanced and different. I test out a lot of different classes and weapons. This game is climbing the ranks.

I’ve played 28 hours which is already more than I would have expected to play and I’m still going. It’s entering the high B+ range. Passing games left and right. I’m a big fan. What an excellent gamepass find. Another big W.

And I think I’m good. Funny enough after finding my favourite weapon, the maul, and using it for a few days I am now ready to move on. Great game. Great surprise. I may return in the future.

Final Score: B+

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