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Solar Ash review
by João Carvalho

One of the best works of Annapurna, I really liked the time I spent on this game. 5 hours and felt just like it was enough.
Altough it's recommended to play with controller, I played with kbm and loved the movement.
Had some issues with FPS in the beginning but they were solved by closing other opened apps.
«Can’t stop playing»
«Sit back and relax»
«That ending!»

Other reviews2

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Solar Ash. The movement was incredibly fun and satisfying; the story and fantastical sci-fi setting is very much up my alley. I personally don't have much to say, the game just clicked with me. It is by no means a masterpiece, the health system is basically worthless and camera has issues when gravity gets funky. Even then, I found myself engrossed and having a great time for its entire runtime. Solar Ash is definitely worth checking out, although the asking price of $40 USD may be a bit steep.