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High on Life review
by SilentName

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the game is carry by his "humor" if u dont like it the game isnt anything special, but surprisingly not as bad as expected. Im just fed up by the rick and morty humor wich got the participation of the main creator to write and aslo doing voice. I thought it would be funnier and except the intro it was trying way too hard to be funny without any material to be funny.  The concept was pretty good but never change anything regarding to gameplay or other stuff at least during my time playing that clocked around 2 hour. having talking gun is a good concept but if u treat them as any other npc then it doesnt bring any diference
«Waste of time»
The shooty bits were so-so but the story and humor were great.

 Date Completed: 2023-11-03 
Playtime: 10h 
Enjoyment: 8/10 
Recommendation: Yes
A cartoonist game but with a lot of soul to it; if you enjoy rick and morty you will enjoy also this;
pretty awesome game, with great visuals and a great environment. it's 24/7 rick & morty jokes, which sometimes gets boring, but otherwise great game!
Funny start right off the bat. I think the humour is going to land for me. Very strong Rick and Morty vibes which for me is a big win. The style is also interesting and fun. The gameplay is generic at best. I don’t anticipate any wicked shoot outs or particularly challenging fights but this game is set up to be the perfect stoned at night kinda game. It’s going to be hard not to play during the daytime but I think I’ll enjoy it more if I save it for specific times.

It’s really funny. I’m laughing a ton. Which is good because the gameplay is pretty shit. 

Three bounties complete. This game is consistently funny. I’m liking it. The gameplay is repetitive and boring after a while though so it’s best played in shorter bursts. All the entertainment comes from the humour.

Beat it. I liked it. The gameplay was so so at best but the worlds were fun and the writing was hilarious. I’d definitely play a sequel.

Final Score: B+