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Haiku, the Robot review
by bkzland

Update after having played most of it. I kept coming back to play Haiku a couple of times, and it is well made. The main problem is really the slow start and bleak art, but that is a unique feature of the game, and fits in with the story well.
Original review still stands, but it's a little less meh than I initially thought.

Update to the update. Played through it, ending was very unsatisfying. I'm settling on meh.

Metroidvania RPG in the style of Hollow Knight. It's very well made in terms of quality and stability, but the art just didn't resonate with me.

It does a good job of creating a machine world, but it's kind of dreadful to play. The soundtrack is very monotonous and dark, the overall art style uses very muted and washed out colours.
Enemy and boss designs have some cool ideas, but nothing is really challenging to do, which makes the whole experience something between boring and depressing.

I'd say pick other titles from the genre, but if you are really into metroidvania, and want to experience being a robot in a machine world, give this a go.

«Waste of time»
«Ugly as my life»
«Game over at last!»