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CityBattle | Virtual Earth review

What I can say about CityBattle?For a genre that I don't really enjoy this game can get really addictive,those fights with robots really got me and everytime I play im having fun while trying to become number 1 on the leaderboard. (hehe) The game has an interesting concept,it's running on modern engine which is always a plus and the team behind it is really motivated to make one GREAT game.So far,the game is running good but still needs few tweaks here and there to make it run better,tho' im not saying that is running bad but still has some moments with framerate drops which for the time being a closed beta tester,I saw a lot of those drops fixed.My final verdict is try the game because there is not gonna hurt and also there is a HUGE chance to like it,or even get addicted to it!! (winks)
«Blew my mind»
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Translated by
Microsoft from French
So here we have a game in beta so necessarily there is some problem, some of which make the game unfuny and frustrating. Okay, the graphics its going on, the gameplay too and has some display bug (genre the invisible black hole or right click shot of an invisible assault) its going. But the big problem is balancing. Between the personals who have constant aimbots aiming, a healer that cares too much and has infinity (genre for any perso that is made heal it is necessary to be 2 or 3 to make more tort than to cure life), the sniper who bone (which puts kind low Li OK Fe but bone), knowing that there are only 2 people who resists (the 2 tanks), the bomber who you black hole and who kills you quietly, you can do nothing for 2 or 3 seconds so yes you are give and finally the tank (fire bug I think) that hurts very badly (Lance flame so normal) but who can regen all his life in half of 2 seconds, as much as saying that you add a healer and here is an invisible character. So in the end on 7 personal, 2 are balanced, the tank with the Minigun and the assault. In short the big weakness of the game is the horrible balancing of the game.
Translated by
Microsoft from French
This game and in beta and it does not excuse in any way its problems, advocate the non-P2W and one thing but make sure that this is true in and another, the P2W "pays to win" is not just the fact of paying things, that other non-paying players can never get , corn and above all a way for some to be able to quickly win what certain player gets with the time, as for example gold to upgrade the robots which greatly advantage view that the game has no suitable match making, I am with a friend and all l are two we are 8 levels why are we falling on a team of 3 and all 30 + levels? I want the game to maybe not enough players to separate them into a suitable LVL slice but there its not the solution because there players are banging guys who have probably put money to be quickly improved, because its not with 10-20 gold hits by win that non-paying players will be able to play equal arms with their opponent and especially this will scare away players, you also have to have the LVL to pay for its improvements you Maestro me and well yes but it may be long because from the beginning have and always falls z on enemies higher LVL than we believe that the game boils down to that and the worst its that even at LVL 8 I have never fallen against rank enemies LVL 1-5 not all LVL higher than us each time so necessarily stronger than us and its not with your gold gain limit per day you will help make it all fair your game and badly screwed up in the match making or non-existent, the game and a pay to win in the sense of paying advantage greatly the non paying people who have GA limits in, Mal Opti because the Firebug is better than the guard, that the heal and op, the bomber that you spam his grenades that ruin your life even on guard and an assault that and boring to aim because the guy flies in peace, for a beta I say a certain first assault was much better screwed and actually was a non-P2W compare to your games which and a P2W whether you like it or not