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Bars and Balance review
by tiailds

Just trial and error gets boring pretty quickly.

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Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Bars and Balance is positioning itself as a good puzzle game that develops your thinking and small knowledge of physics (at least it includes The balance system). Unfortunately, this review I write, as though it is correct to say blindly and for the most part I want to turn my attention to the developers of this game, because I have at the start of the game has happened sad: the game does not start and requires administrator access. I tried to solve my little problem in various ways (even picking up the game files in the root folder), but everything was in vain. I was a little upset. Based on the aforementioned arguments, I can not put the game diesel only for the fact that I have not started (I looked at the reviews, written below my dear compatriots and concluded that they have started this game. And the product itself I was Issued free of charge). That's Why I will call my review informative, both for developers and for players (You can also face this problem. Maybe someone can find out how to fix this misunderstanding, but as long as I share my misfortune with you) I'll Start with The very error that issued me the game. It contains this type of message: Error: The system could not start because it does not have acces to The file system. (May require administration rights to continue) For the guys who are not quite in the bottom of what I'll explain. The File seems to tell me that I need administrator rights to run the game. And here arises the casus: I am the administrator of my company. I climbed into the root folder with the game and ran an executable file on behalf of the administrator: useless. And now I got into a stupor, because there is no guide that would help me solve the problem, not a fellow in misfortune, who knows the way out of this situation (If There are guys here who know how to solve this misunderstanding, then please write me in Comments. I'll be grateful to you. Maybe even a gift will be sent as a sign of gratitude) Now let's move on to the game. I can Talk about it a little, but some bit of information I still have, namely screenshots and videos from the steampunk. There is nothing I can tell you about the essence of Gemplya or about mechanics. But I liked the graphic design. It is pleasant and soft. In a word, pleases my eyes. It is inexpensive, has pleasant achivki which will allow you to collect from letters the nickname on a window. It's a Useful thing, but not for everyone. So, the conclusion. I would be interested to play this game, but because of technical reasons I can not try it in full, although "advertising" looks good and even interesting, so I would spend money on this game, but only if it is neat. Thanks to those who have spent their time reading my informative (No) review on this product.