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Gotham Knights review
by Ryan Gallagher

Many thought that WB Montreal was going to deliver an Arkham-esque game with this one, but that was for sure not the case.  Although it was made clear we would be stepping into Batman's shadows and forced to embrace different styles of combat and general gameplay mechanics, this game proved to be very boring at times.  I appreciated the attention to detail with regard to the varying dialogue amongst the 4 playable characters, but the game did a poor job of making sure I would switch from character to character every once in a while.  Upgrades you earned as one character was only for that character, which basically forced me to max out Red Hood and play as him for the majority of the game.  Because of this, I missed out on some other focal points that the other characters maintained, like stealth, which would have let me reminisce about the Arkham games, at least a little bit.  Aside from the fundamental feel the game had, the low frame rate on the Xbox Series X was a turn off from the start - and it is not even like one of those things where frame rate is sacrificed for better graphics.  Rocksteady's 2015 Batman: Arkham Knight had better graphics than this game.  To top it off, the top speed for the bat-cycle was comically slow and was a perfect reflection of the game as a whole: badass before playing it, disappointing during and after playing it.

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i have expected as batman games, but compare to that totally disappointing ..
Pleasant surprise. After all the reviews that called this game mediocre i've expected to see just that. But I had such a good time playing it. Sure, if you are a fan of Arkham series, you might not get what you want, it is a completely different experience. Sometimes better, sometimes worse, but worth checking out for sure.
even though the game has outstanding cutscenes and overall design, the gameplay and mechanics make it totally unplayable even for a long time Gotham fan like me
Maybe I am alone with this opinion but as a Batman fan I recommend this game. 
If it would be in gamepass everyone would love it.