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Psychonauts In The Rhombus Of Ruin review
by Foxotic

Absolutely Exceptional. Tim Schafer and everyone at DoubleFine has pushed the limits of what a seated, non-motion control VR game can be. It by no means is a limitation to this game, and that's what makes this a remarkable title. I don't think there is a single game that has done so much with so little before. WOW. A must-play. Got this one sale for $6 and had I ever need to buy it again I would happily pay full price.

The only thing I wished this had more of was music - with the few tracks it has, they're all phenomenal, but many moments are without music. Some are fitting areas, but I still wished there were more, especially in the POV on those psycho-poisoned.

This is a DO NOT MISS game, and a masterclass on how to push the boundaries with limitations in VR.
«Blew my mind»
«That ending!»
«OST on repeat»

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Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin By Double Fine is the Gap Filler between the ten-Year-old first Part and the second second Soon to follow. Just over a Year Ago, The Rhombus of Ruin was released on PSVR and is finally available for all PC VR glasses. The Game begins with us looking through the Eyes of Protagonist Raz, who sits and pits in the Psychone-aut jet. Joining us on the following Adventure Are little Lili Zanotto, Milla Vodella, Sasha No and the Coach Oleander. In the Beginning, of course, we play a small Tutorial, which is perfectly integrated into the Story. In this way, we get to know and control Raz special Forces. These include Telekinesis, Pyrokinesis, Poke, Clairvoyance and PSIblast. Each of these Forces is conveniently distributed on the Buttons of the Vive controllers. But it is Targeted by head Control, which takes some getting used to. But Then Works quite well. Unfortunately, the Head Control repeatedly collides with the restricted Field of View. There are rarely 360 ° Scenarios. If you Turn too far or move a little too much, the Screen turns black and the typical Playstation Display that you have left the Play area is displayed. Then you have to go back to the original Place. Unfortunately, there is no Recalibration or the like. After we now know how to deal with Raz Forces, the Story goes on. It quickly turns out that we have to look for And presumably save Truman Zanotto himself, the big Head of the Psychonauts and father of Lili. Of course, the Search for Truman doesn't go according to Plan and we'll soon find ourselves back in the so-called Rhombus of Ruin, a Place inspired by the Bermuda Triangle. Unfortunately, we cannot move freely and are limited only to certain Teleport points. However, these are not boring colorful Puts or the like, but, so to speak, NPCs. To Teleport, you look at the person you want and then jump into their Head with the Help of Clairvoyance. All these NPCs are stationary and you have to use the Points of view and their View To look for solutions to the Puzzles in the Game. So motion Control Is due to Gameplay and goes OK, except for the Above points. The Style of the Game is a Kind of Cartoon-style, the Scenarios are detailed and very funny. Raz can interact with many Items with the Help of his Powers, which is Fun. The Character Models look great if you like the Style. The Voiceover is also fantastic, but only in English and without Subtitles. The Humour is natural, as usual black. The Music that was composed especially for the Game is Fun and especially the Opening Credits feels like a Tribute to the classic James Bond Movies. However, it is once again a short Adventure that I had played through in just under 2.5h without really Stalling. Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin is a nice little Adventure with a necessities control and some Tracking Errors, which probably already existed with the PSVR version. Friends of the Psychonauts should definitely strike here, Adventurefans can buy the Title well in the Sale. More Reviews from the Psyche: