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Trials Fusion review
by xever

Wow, what a gameplay. I always felt nostalgic about it, but now tried and loved it. Simple gameplay formula that is hard to master. Visuals are superb! The only downside some tricks not obvious to learn from the game itself. 9 breathtaking backgrounds of 10

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Never pay a lot for them, but all of the Trials games are decently fun.
Translated by
Microsoft from French
In summary a game of diably fun, in the vein of his predecessors. It does not bring much more, moreover... If this is a new opportunity to spend a lot of money in DLC, anecdotal stunts, a pretty futuristic look, and an even more successful Editor. Graphics: the textures are pretty average, not to say rude, the explosions are pretty ugly. The game does not shine by its graphic performances, although the effects of light are quite pleasant; but there is not his claim, however, and the whole thing is perfectly acceptable for this type of games. 3/5 Synopsis: a guy on a motorcycle crosses tracks N/A gameplay: the game is allowed to wield with some ease, heir to the tradition very ingrained now, explosion of the Smartphone obliges (#Note7), the "easy to learn, hard to master". More specifically, if the motorcycles are allowed to tame enough (to different degrees according to your choice, it is true) and have the referee, this does not prevent the game to show itself sometimes very difficult. I ate my controller. In short, one without fault of its kind for my part, as perfected (if not more) than its predecessors. Novelty not frankly notable mentioned above: the possibility of making stunts in the air, which I did not find really interesting, especially taking into account the mini-games present since trials HD, the majority of which are much more fun than This feature. 4/5 lifetime: If the "campaign" is not frankly long (finished in a few hours for a seasoned trials player), especially without the DLC, the ability to create and download levels multiplies the content, and makes the game endless, as long as one is able to find the little masterpieces that we need from the proposed content. A bad point about this: an Internet connection is required to play on the tracks of the users, even when they have already downloaded them. On the other hand, the fault of a lack of innovations in the gameplay, the regulars, unless they are really fans, will soon become bored. 4/5 soundtrack: the pilot's cries are always as funny, the cars still unbearable to hear. No, it's trial. Special mention to the commentator-robot who talks about time to others in the background, and of which one would have really gone well as it takes away more than it brings to the sound atmosphere. 2/5 few novelties under the Sun with this trials, which seems to be only a pretext to carry the franchise on next-gen consoles... and underexploiting their possibilities in a rather ironic way. We go to the future... In short, good trials, reserved for big fans ready to pay well as it should (the content off DLC is miserable), or to beginners of the franchise, who will probably, like many before them, seduced and amused. As far as I'm concerned, the satisfaction that the first PC title had given me, and evolution (which was frankly nice), were not frankly on the date. The game remains, again, quite fun, but the future sauce did not take; did not justify the purchase. 13/20