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Skul: The Hero Slayer review
by xXWoodinatorXx

Pretty fun start. It’s challenging but at least to start I’m liking playing around with new skulls and items. It hasn’t been frustrating yet… although I’ve been stuck in the second boss for like 10 tries. The gameplay feels good. Not as good hades or dead cells but still solid. Better than a lot of the other roguelites I’ve played. I also like the story change up where the humans are bad and the skeletons and witches and demons are just living in the forest minding their own business.

Nice I beat those sister knights that were giving me trouble. And weirdly enough I beat them without the unique skulls that I thought were the best. I keep having these “really strong” builds with the predator who I think is the best skull but then I get to the fight and I lose. This time it was a basic shield skull and I think it’s called the warrior.

Ooh best run yet. I got the grim reaper early on and went heavy on magic attacks and it worked very well. I beat the sisters, advanced fully to the next boss and beat that boss first try. I unlocked a huge amount of dark crystals. I’m really liking Skul. Very happy I played before it left gamepass. 

Loving this game. It’s a lot of fun.

Damn just had my first fight against the first hero. I beat the previous saint boss first time facing her. I had a magic build with the rockstar and aqua guy. I’m starting to think the magic items are better than the physical ones. Maybe I’ve just had better runs but I feel like I’m having more success on magic runs. Now I’ve seen the finish. Time to get a win.

I’m shocked I havnt won  yet. Ive played this game a lot. It’s hard. I’ve had a few more good runs but havnt been able to beat the saint boss again, and I’ve only made it to her one more time. I’ve tested out some new builds that havnt really worked but also the game is very hard. I can breeze through the first 3 stages (3rd stage a bit tougher) but then I usually blow it in the 4rth stage. I need to slow down and play defensively at that point. I’m still really liking skull but I need a win.

Damnit. I made it to the final boss for my second time. This time I beat his first phase and got the second phase down to about a third. I don’t even know where I got hit but I died and it was tragic. I really thought I had it that run. Legendary Werewolf and the beserker with a physical damage build that had a lot of 2 item synergy. 

Yes! Finally got my win. Holy shit it was hard. I went alchemist and suicide bomber which worked very well. Another win for a magic build. I had full health and my revive going into the final boss and I still almost failed. Thank god I didn’t. It would have really sucked if I lost at the end. Great game. I’m not doing another run though. Beating that boss was also a relief. I played Skul a lot. I’m ready to move on.

Final Score: B+