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Hogwarts Legacy review
by Sabrina B

It's a true shame how prevalent the spiders are in this game. So many magical creatures to choose from and yet every other mission involves creepy disgusting spiders. I played through the majority of the main story, but the anxiety of seeing spiders is too much for me. Looking forward to a price decrease, so I can justify buying again on PC to mod them out.

Gameplay is great though not difficult at all. Being able to explore the Harry Potter universe in this way was worth the 20 years waiting for a game like this.

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Alright, I was caught by surprise with this game.

When it was first announced, I didn't care much for it. Fantastic Beasts was a flop, and even though I'm a big fan of Harry Potter, I don't trust the games industry anymore. I thought the release date was much further away, so I only discovered it one month before release, and my interest started to grow slowly. After getting my hands on it, here are my thoughts:

The beginning of the game is not its strong point, especially if you expect something like the movies. But the more you play, the better the game becomes.

The main story was okay, but what really got me into the game were the relationship quests and how they were connected to the main storyline. Unfortunately, the influence of these quests - in the consequences factor - was literally irrelevant, but the atmosphere was there. The development of the characters could have been better, but following them on their journey was good enough. I also loved the way the developers approached the houses. In the movies, besides Gryffindor, most characters were one-dimensional and behaved according to the stereotypes of their houses. That's not the case here. As a critic, I must say that the conclusion of those side quests could be more unpredictable. Actually, I could say that about all of the main quest storylines.

Is the game difficult? It depends. It can be, but it's up to you. I played on hard and chose to use the minimum amount of potions as possible, including life. That way, three hits and I was dead. After getting used to the spells and the enemies, it becomes okay. All I needed was to understand the weaknesses of my opponents and pay attention.

Hogwarts is beautiful. Not as magical as in the movies, but pretty good. Exploring it is rewarding, and the way the developers placed chests and challenges was amazing. The open world surprised me a lot. I didn't expect such a huge place, with so many possibilities for exploration. Another thing that made me love this game was how much content is in it. A good example is the Room of Requirement. I lost count of how many times I thought it was over, but no, they just throw more and more content at you - and that happened even in the last stages of the game. Amazing. You know when you're playing a game that was made with love.

But there's something I still haven't talked about, and it can be a game-breaker for a lot of people: the optimization.

It's broken. I had to spend hours looking for mods to fix the game. After trying many of them, I found one: Ascendio 3.0. If it weren't for that, I wouldn't be writing this review, so a huge thanks to the modders. With the mod, I played the game with 45 fps locked at 1080p, with most settings on high. And it was beautiful - but obviously not as much as the requirements to play it suggest, since 16GB of RAM is not enough without a mod. Overall, I'm happy with the game. There's so much to talk about, but I'm getting tired of writing. I do recommend it, but be aware of its optimization problems. Maybe in a year, it will be playable without mods - but if you have a console, you can disregard this.

First playthrough date: 03/2023
«Can’t stop playing»
«That ending!»
First of all, I'm not a Potterhead... So, I had no expectations for the game, but I had a little excitement. To mention the good aspects; The models and atmosphere in the game are perfect. It has an atmosphere as if you are in a truly fairy-tale world. From my point of view, I was never bored in the first 20 hours of the game, the excellent architect of Hogwarts, being able to fly freely in the open world was really great. And... nice puzzles. So what were the problems? What happened after the 20th hour?

One of the biggest problems is the quests, the other is the enemies. Even in the 20 hours of the Hogwarts Legacy world, where you can roam freely, there are "follow someone and go somewhere" missions. Enemy variety is very small. Yes, we have enough magic, but less variety of enemies. Due to the low variety of enemies, it is annoying to see the same enemies after a while. If we continue with the missions, the missions are in the logic of "let's go kill the SAME enemies over there".

Finally, although I am not a Harry Potter fan, I spent an enjoyable 20 hours at Hogwarts Legacy. I recommend you to play too.
Eleazar Fig has that dawg in him
«Can’t stop playing»
Beautiful open world. Created with so much love to the Franchise.
«Can’t stop playing»