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by BloodScorchedSun

I love the look of the game and the simple sidescrolling premise but there is a lot of things the game falls flat on. The main thing I disliked is how it used the 2.5D style. In some cases it made sense like a robot walking to the foreground and back, making the player time their movement right. Then in others this was used in a way the enemy could get blocked in front of you making it impossible to do without getting killed. The platform is also fairly sloppy and slow in a big portion of the game. I think the best platforming sections of the game are in the void where you just rely on momentum and the physics of the game. There was multiple sections where ledges and other interaction points weren't clearly visible, especially in the later section when freeing the bug queen. I'm not a fan of games that handhold you but this was far to consistent where you couldn't tell what you needed to do next or what to grab. The game also drags on far too long. The entire last section was really unneeded and just felt like padding. 

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Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Product received for free Folgt our Curator page: GGC curations if you want to read more Reviews like this. + Excellent Graphic Style with spectacular Lighting Effects + Excellent Soundtrack and Sound Effects + Good Camera guidance + varied and exciting Gameplay + Original Mechanics well implemented + Secrets to discover + Faires Checkpoint storage system +/-Game time about 3-6 Hours +/-Much Trial & Error-Occasional Ruckler PLOT: PLANET ALPHA is one of those Games in which the Action is silently told and the Player has to make his own Interpretation of what Is Seen. PLANET ALPHA'S Basic Theme arouses interest and encourages reflection. Graphic Design & Sound: The first Impression "Yes, looks quite good" soon had to give way to a heeled "Wow!" The Ambient Design is simply fantastic! Breathtaking light effects, varied Landscapes and animated Backgrounds, strange and wondrous creatures and Plants-the alien planet exudes an Atmosphere that invites amazement. Background Music and sound Effects are at the same high Level and Contribute their Part to Immersion. Gameplay: PLANET ALPHA skillfully combines Platformer/Jump 'n Run-, Stealth and Puzzler elements. Even boss fights are Part of the Game, but they do not use weapons directly, but the Environment must be used intelligently to defeat or escape the enemies. The Platformer elements are very well implemented, while the sneaking and puzzle passages seem rather rudimentary, but offer an entertaining Change. Whether jumping, climbing, sneaking, hiding or bagging-Boredom doesn't come up at any Point. As Icing On the Cake, some secret Places are hidden in the Game world, for whose Discovery the Player is usually rewarded with an Achievement. If one Manages to find the four hidden Artifacts in total, an alternative end is even unlocked. Control: The Control works perfectly with both Gamepad, keyboard and Mouse, whereby I would prefer a Gamepad for PLANET ALPHA because of the platformer elements. The Camera cannot be moved freely and often changes the Perspective, whatever a certain Risk, but works excellently in PLANET ALPHA. Difficulty: I would describe The Degree of difficulty as balanced. Dodging The Opponents is not particularly difficult, the Puzzle insoles rather shallow, the platformer passages quite demanding in some Places. It dies relatively quickly, but the absolutely fair memory point system ensures that only a very small Part of The game has to be repeated in the Event of Failure. PLANET ALPHA IS very good at not giving rise to frustration and striking Exactly the right balance in Terms of Difficulty. Game Time: The Game can be played by an experienced player in just over three Hours if you don't Bother to uncover the numerous Secrets. However, a Playing Time of 4-6 Hours would be considered realistic. Performance & Technical: With a 4-Core 4.5Ghz Processor, 16GB of RAM and a GeForce 1080, I struggled with occasional Rucklers, especially when many Graphic Effects were played at the same time. Three Times the Character got stuck in the World or fell through the Ground, which thankfully had no significant Impact thanks to the well-distributed Memory points. Personal Conclusion: Beautifully seen Platformers are now relatively common. PLANET ALPHA NOT only impresses with its spectacular art design and Atmosphere, but also impresses in terms of Gameplay. I felt very well entertained and just the more sophisticated platformer passages hit exactly my Nerve. If you can start with Platformers, PLANET ALPHA is very Much encouraged!