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Nuclear Throne review
by xXWoodinatorXx

Decent first hour. I like the gunplay more than the binding of isaac. Could be a fun roguelite.

First impressions are it’s decent but the roguelite  build aspect is a bit light. You pick up new guns and get mutations (perks) every time you level up but it doesn’t seem like there is a huge pool of options or that they are that impactful, or I just havnt seen them yet. Im still very early on so I might change my opinion. Im definitely going to play until I beat it at least once, but probably not much more. 

Damn I got close on one run. I’ve decided I want to beat this game once but then im done. The different character abilities don’t interest me and there aren’t very many perks so the builds are pretty basic. It’s mostly about conserving ammo effectively, hitting your shots and playing it smart. I don’t hate it but it isn’t going to be a memorable rogue like for me.

The challenge of this game is really keeping me entertained. It’s a hard game but I’m getting better and better. I made it to the nuclear throne once and then died by the mega laser which is a very cheesy move by the game. I’ve had a number of late runs but those final couple levels are hard. You need some good guns and a lot of ammo. I’m learning which types of guns are my favourites and how to play them. That experiment is fun. I wish there were more upgrade options though. The number of guns is decent but the perks are a bit repetitive. I mostly just try to get ones that get more health and ammo.

Against my expectations I’ve actually grown to like this game more and more. I still haven’t beaten it yet. I’ve played for about 11 hours and I’ve made it to the final throne twice but died. The gameplay is a lot more fun than I expected which has kept me interested and the runs are pretty short which makes it less painful when I lose. I’m getting very familiar with the different levels and enemies and I’m figuring out strategies on how to beat them. There are also a lot more guns than I thought at first. I’ve really enjoyed experimenting with them and my opinions on a lot of guns has changed. The mutations are pretty limited and I often end up picking the same ones. I don’t have a lot of build variety in my mutations but I’ve been tested out the melee perks more as I’m starting to think melee builds are actually very good.

I die the most at 5-3. The lil hunter gets me a lot. I need to plan for him now and have a high burst gun.  

I’ve spent some time researching the best guns, and mutations. I was pretty close to spot on with my own mutations tier list. The guns had some more interesting lists though. I’m starting to use explosives more and although I have fucked up a run multiple times by blowing myself up, overall I’m finding some success. I also am realizing some of the crossbows are pretty good and melee weapons might actually be key. I’m going to beat this fucking game. I’ll probably retire nuclear throne after one win… but idk. I’m having fun at the moment so if I get a win soon enough I may actually try another character. I’ve really only used crystal and im not changing characters till I win.

I did it. I had a melee build with a sledge hammer. Both melee range and the bounces around mutation. Then I had the laser rifle to laser mini gun  for a sidearm and I switched to a super bazooka for the final boss which worked well. Great run. Had a blast. Very fun.

This game has a good stats page which I like. It’s basic but has enough. I beat it on my 90th run. 12 hours in the game. 

I won again. Same night. This time with a jackhammer being the most important gun. I used the jackhammer to defeat the lil hunter and kept it till the final boss. It was clutch. I also used a shotgun grenade gun for the later sections and plasma rifle for the end because it used energy.  

Back to back wins, using a very similar strategy. I used jackhammer again for the final stretch. 

I got another win (notably without jackhammer) but this time I did the steps and successfully looped. Then I died right away on the next level. Now I may finally be ready to call it quits. This was a fun game. It surpassed my initial expectations.

I still feel like playing this game. I made it to a new record now. L1 1-1.

Okay now I’m done. Fun game.

Final Score: B+

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Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Unfortunately, not my Taste. Control is hasty, Co-op annoys because of the Camera (no split screen, far too close and follows the characters as if on Speed) and also the Gameplay doesn't tell me off the Stool (annoying: The black Hole at the end of the Level). On Top of that, I sometimes had Graphic Glitches.
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Microsoft from Deutsch
If you're into Rogue Like Games, you'll get your Money's worth here. The Developers have developed the Game excellently to this day and it was one of the few Games I also liked to buy at the Early Access Stadium. If You like to play games like Binding of Isaac or Risk of Rain, you've really got out of it here as well. Cool Weapons, different Characters and a lot to discover. If you don't read through everything in the Wiki right away, you'll come across small But fine secrets and get a few Mechanics later in the Game to really understand. There is the Possibility to improve further and further and to work on his Skills. So you could play through the Game infinitely often (loopen at the End of the last Boss) if you are good and nimble enough. The Overall Feeling Of Sound, Art-style and Control is Also coherent and I always like to look at it again and again. So you can keep pushing a Round of Nuclear Throne in between and try to get on this time than last Time. Clear Recommendation! Only Shortcoming: There is no online Coop. Locally you can play for two, online it is (apparently) only possible with Mods. But there's the good old Risk of Rain for that.
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Microsoft from Deutsch
"Nuclear Throne" is an action-packed "Twin Stick Shooter" from Vlambeer. It tells the Story of a small mutant group desperate to make their Way through a post-apocalyptic World. The Game features solid Gameplay, handsome Design and atmospheric Soundtracks. These Aspects ensure that the Player can fully immerse himself in the World and also embark on the arduous Journey of the Mutants. Due to the Always ' randomly ' generated levels and a wide Range of Skills, Upgrades, Weapons and Adversaries, this Trip is extremely varied. In Addition, the high Game Speed coupled with the chaotic Nature of the Game makes for a demanding Degree of difficulty. Fortunately, the negative Aspects of the Game are quickly summarized. There's some lack of Content from "Nuclear Throne." The Journey Players embark on is comparatively manageable. However, this Fact is successfully compensated by the high Degree of difficulty and mechanics of the Game, which I will not elaborate on. Furthermore, such a fast Game would benefit from a higher FPS count, as this is limited to 30 FPS. Summary: "Nuclear Throne" is a Title that can be easily recommended and represents a Must-Have for Fans of the Genre. 8/10