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Hogwarts Legacy review
by theworstmaker

Hogwarts Legacy suffer's from the same issue I have been having with major open-world games recently. I often find myself getting lost (in a good way) in the world with every bit of exploration and detail being put into the world that the story just becomes something I have to do in order to access more of the world. Every bit of fun with the game was had just flying around the broom and seeing just how big the Wizarding World is. Comparing it to other games, this is honestly one of the best open world maps with a lot to explore. It didn't feel like chore getting from one area to another and I often found myself actually walking and flying to areas instead of fast traveling just due to how there was always something distracting on the road that I would find more entertaining than the main story which is honestly one of the biggest problems here. 

I really wish I had the motivation to progress the story, but there was nothing interesting besides a few side characters that carried with their personality alone. Every chance I had a chance to do a side quest that involved exploring, I took it because it was much more fun than following the main story. It sucks to say that I did not finish the story, but thats mainly due to the reason that there was much better things to do and by the time I did most of them, I just lost interest in the game entirely. 

The combat is pretty standard and generic. No real issue here and what is to be expected of a game like this. The real difference that sets it apart from other games is the fact that all attacks are ranged. This kind of made stealth sections a little too easy where you can just step back and wipe out a camp. The combo's are cool, but are practically non-existent since either everyone is weak to where they die to the second spell or they are unable to be combo'ed. 

The world and exploration was amazing (even for a non-HP fan), the story was poor, the characters were good, the combat was fair. 

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«Waste of time»
«Oh God i managed it»
Blew my mind
«Blew my mind»
A must have for HP fans.
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»
I’m 2 hours in and I probably could have waited a bit longer to see if it went to Gamepass or PS+. It’s not bad. It looks like it will be fun. But it’s also a bit more of a kids game than I thought. Maybe. Too soon to tell but I think it’s going to be quite simple. I was expecting a Ubisoft open world style game but this looks like it might be a bit more about just walking around seeing the different hogwarts places and all that. The gameplay feels like it’s going to be light. But again, I’m still really in the tutorial I think so I could be way off. But it has taken me a few sessions now and I’m still not out of the “tutorial” part of the game. So it’s obviously feeling slow to me.

The graphics feel like they are funky. I try to test out fidelity ray tracing and it looks bad to me and performance is so choppy. So I go back to performance mode, which also doesn’t look as good as I thought it would but at least it’s smooth. 

I’m not sure how far I’m in because I’ve mostly been playing semi short sessions, but I only just unlocked the skill tree. So I’m clearly still very early on. It’s picking up though. It has a slow start but I’m thinking the “good part” is right around the corner. Once all the systems are introduced and it’s more natural open world exploration I wonder how I’ll feel about it.

I am finally finding this game pick up some momentum. My save file says 8 hours but I know I’ve left it running a lot so I’m probably closer to 6 or 7 but still that’s a really slow start. Many RPGs and big open world game are guilty of this, But I found this one particularly slow and kind of boring to start. I hope that I start to enjoy it more now that I’m exploring the world more.

Much more fun once I have a dozen spells and I am flying around the cool world on a broom. Early thoughts are I actually like the cosmetics so far. And the word is detailed and pretty great. The gameplay is so-so but getting better. The graphics for people and animals kind of stink but the world and environment look pretty good.  It does seem to be made with care and I found it funny they added a trans character as a fuck you to JK. 

15ish hours in. Im liking it. It’s a low B+ currently. I don’t anticipate it climbs too much higher, probably a bit but it feels like a low ish B+ kind of game for me. It’s fun to explore the world, which seems to have a lot of love and care put into it, but the game mechanics and progression are just so-so. They are serviceable.

Took like a two month break as I wasn’t feeling it. Now I’ve jumped back in and I’m around 20 hrs ish. I do like this game. It took awhile to get going. And also its peak isn’t that high. But it is fun when I am in the right mood. It’s mostly a vibes game so I’m not always feeling it.

I’m not done yet but I’m fairly confident I can provide my final review thoughts. The game does a good job capturing the spirit of the world. The cosmetics and vibes are well done. The game does a bad job at having character progression and upgrades. The gameplay is so-so. It’s a fine game overall and I’m not shocked it would be a huge hit for kids, but it’s a low B+.

Beat it. I’m ashamed to say I lowered the difficulty to easy on the last mission. I was over it. I didn’t find the combat to be that fun and I was ready to be done but I wanted to see the end because I was so close.

Final Score: B+
Worked on many levels, had slight issues with trails being repetitive then they helped pull that out. Really enjoyed my time in the world!
«Can’t stop playing»
«Sit back and relax»
great game
«Can’t stop playing»
It looks great and I loved the atmosphere. Main story is mediocre though and the open world outside of Hogwarts and Hogsmeade is not that interesting. The fighting may not be the most complex, but is fun. Overall pretty decent
4/10 VERY BEAUTIFUL GAME, but the extra quests, character animation, game optimization, dialog variation, etc. leave a lot to be desired.
No way this game has so many exceptional reviews. It was so boring and repetitive after the first 2 hours. Too overrated.
«Disappointment of the year»
«Waste of time»
what a great game! As an avid fan of harry potter, this was a gift and it's possible to see that it was made with such a passion. 100% it.
«Blew my mind»
«Just one more turn»