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Road 96: Mile 0 🛹 review
by grihajedy3

When I saw the first trailer with rhythm platforming, more faded visual, as it seemed to me then, also with bad designs of the main characters and the poster of the game, I was extremely skeptical, I was expecting just a average indie, an additional story for fans at a maximum of 7/10, apparently, most players and critics took the game that way,
But I immediately saw something more in it,
Mile 0 - is an example of an ideal Prequel, a small local masterpiece, the same gameplay, the same great visual, but an absolutely self-sufficient story that will suit even those who didn`t play the original, at the same time it perfectly complements it and does not spoil the original story in any way,
This game doesn`t have a "roguelike" unique concept of the original, where each player will have their own walkthrough and their own order of story scenes, there is no atmosphere of travel, So what? This is a different game, it shouldn`t copy the approach of the original, but at the same time it retained the features of the source, the world here consists of 3 large locations, in each of which a small plot scene awaits us, the choice of which location to go first and which one to go to second and third - depends on you,
for me, "Zero Mile" is a full-fledged original product, a continuation at the level of the original, with not so much replay value, but with its own "completely different" atmosphere, the sunny life of the minister's daughter next to the dictator's palace, and the game has a powerful competent ending, which is very lacking in the orig. Road 96,
People also complain that the decisions don’t really affect on something? C`mon, it was the same in the original, I believe that it`s enough for decisions in games to create the illusion of choice, it`s impossible to write several high-quality scenarios in 1 game, one but exciting is better, after all, the games are a scripted attractions for a couple of hours. At the same time, M0 has its own new choice system, where you must balance between 2 points of view in order to be able to make any decision in the final, there are 4 endings, by the way.

I already see that I`ll be in the minority, I thought a lot about lowering the rating, but I can’t, my conscience just won’t allow me, I dived into an unreal atmosphere, laughed at cool dialogues, got into the story and ending based on the friendship of 2 characters, while all the characters in the game are made very interesting, Dixiart has some talent for this, this is the first story game many.. 2 years, probably? people, what's wrong with you, even AAA is now coming out with a disregard for it, story-driven games simply don`t exis, they have died out,
and here is a completed competent story, yes, I didn’t really like the roller/skate`s sections, but there are few of it, they serve more as a background mini-game, the concept is correct, it was made for emotional release, and in order not to have to draw too complicated cutscenes, but they could be better, for this you can really take away 0.5-1 points, but the 2nd rhythm game, about running away from Adam, is very funny, it’s a pity, the rest of the "races" are not like that.
 You will also find a couple of new cool tracks here, you will find soul-warming references to the original, Mile 0 just "made my day", it will definitely become my contender for the best game of the year, despite the disappointments of some fans and gameplay-minded critics.

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