Light theme review
by James P

Racism/Trolling and just plain disgusting behavior from officials who run this game. They go online into the video game and tell players who are frustrated with the game due to trolls to "shut the F*** up" this is coming from their top in charge "0player". As premium players who wanted to support this game, I gave them plently of advice regarding trolls, racism and even a server for registered/premium users to play without non-registered players who troll. Their excuse is that it cost $30 a month to run an additional server...I've paid $9.99 for the premium, just to get my IP banned because of 0player unhinged behavior in online public game chat. Following by being muted in game. I've posted a screenshot of his chat log and recieved a ban from discord server, following by an IP/Account Deletion/Ban. This is not a kid-friendly IO Game, the support is unhinged, lots of trolls. Do not recommend it. Let the proof be out

 I would also like to add that they know your IP addresses and have inner circle jerk jokes about knowing who lives where or in their words "Were going to nuke you" Just go look at their discord
«Buggy as hell»
«Disappointment of the year»