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Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit review
by deleted_675425

Looks really good, plays really well, decent OST and the tools that racers and cops use are fun

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Completed as of writing this review: Both campaigns with Gold medals everywhere.

Played this game since childhood, but never managed to complete it until only now, 10+ years later. What can I say - I’m satisfied with this game. I played only the PS1 classics in my childhood, so I was never fully into the street racing games everybody loves (I still have yet to play MW2005). So playing this was a really good experience. The cars are fast, the driving is smooth (with some goofy moments, but nothing’s perfect) and the graphics are astonishing for their time. I’ve finished both campaigns and I don’t know why, but the Cop campaign was more enjoyable than average Racer campaign. Maybe it’s because I liked the idea of winning by ramming the car over and over (yes, I understand that it’s not NFS and more of Burnout, but that’s how I feel). The driving though, man it’s smooth. I don’t get why some people prefer against this metaphor of “brake to drift”, because that’s probably what the real cars require to push to drift, as far as I know? The extra mechanics for Hot Pursuit aspect aspect are really cool too, but can be annoying sometimes. The challenge here is basically non-existent I would say. Only like 5 times I struggled with some missions before eventually getting the requirement for Gold medal. Yes, the rubber-banding can be ridiculous sometimes, but it was not so often to consider it a minus.

The graphics were top-notch. It still blows my mind how realistic everything here looked, and it was in 2010! Yes, you can argue that the moments where the graphics don’t look as good are really well-hidden (such as people’s faces), but the immersion is definitely here. The music is pretty mid though, was not a fan of most music, except for tracks by Pendulum, the main theme, some tracks the name from which I can’t recall and my personal favorite Big Weekend by Lemonade (yes, I don’t think NFS music should only be DnB or Rock). Also it was annoying to get the radio interrupted every time the pursuit began. Could’ve at least given the option to turn that off.

Anyway, I’m happy that I was finally able to finish the game and say farewell to it, truly an amazing experience that is worth checking out to everyone who likes racing games, that are not strictly located in the city.
«Blew my mind»
«Just one more turn»
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Incredible Disappointment. I cleared the Game again after 44min Game time. Now, of course, you can say, "Of course, you don't give the Game a Chance, the Fun won't come up until later!" But no, I've played almost all THE NFS parts and this part is by Far the Worst. After the 3rd Race To drive Dodge Viper, which feels the Same as the Mazda rx8 with the minimally small Difference of Having a higher Number on Tacho which you can hardly feel, no, just fails. EVERY Car drives spongy. I wonder if EA did this extra, or after the Effort said such a great Map and the Strains of such great Songs to choose, well we release times, shit on Story and Driving Sensation.
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NEED FOR SPEED HOT PURSUIT ... NfS HP is and will simply remain one of my favorite NfS Need for Speed Hot Pursuit shows how good a NfS can be even without Tuning. In HP, you'll take on the Role of Cop or Racer, depending on your Choice. Once a Level has been completed, you will receive Bounty that will allow you to unlock Cars. Maximum as Cop and Racer 20 Levels. There is also Equipment Eg EMP and Nail Band. But These level themselves only through successful Use. So off to the Pro's and Con's PRO Good graphic Good Driving Physics VERY Good Soundtrack Large selection of Cars CONTRA Unfortunately, the DLC did not get it for because PC Rubberbanding ♥ ♥ ♥ t often got something off, At Nfs, however, nothing new FAZIT NfS HP is definitely a highly recommended N fS Title, even more than 5 Years old, still makes it a lot of Fun
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That's how we'd be at the one Need for Speed. This is extremely different from the Series. What initially convinced with his Graphic. And yes I loved this Game. And I still think it's extremely good. Not only is the Graphics still handsome in this Day and age, but also the ingenious Vehicle Selection for Police officers from Ford Crown Victoria To Ford Shelby to The Koeniggsegg in Carbon. Exaggerated? Definitely not! I mean who has no Desire to chase a Pagani with a Bugatti Veyron And inflict damage of several Million in a few Minutes. The hunted by the Multiplayer can also be your Friend. Just beautiful. The Story is therefore boring or well not actually present. BUT we have the up to Level 20 ranking system, in which you can Ascend as a Gangster or Officer. If you fancy with a cool Soundtrack and Vehicles that can't even afford to heat the Dubai Police through the area is definitely right in this Game. For me it was worth the Experience and I go with good Memories from this Game. A Must for Need For Speed fans!