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Miraculous: Rise of the Sphinx review
by Bloffy

Played this with my sister whose a massive miraculous fan (me, not so much) and thank god I bought this while it was on sale. As soon as I connected my controller it took me a second to realise there's no split screen, which is a baffling decision and I still don't understand why the devs thought it was a good idea. Everytime my character walked off screen I couldn't see where he was going so if I wanted to explore and look around I had to follow player one's character, which makes the gameplay limiting and boring. It also got confusing which character I was playing as due to sharing the same screen. There is a reason as to why co-op almost universally involves a split-screen; it eliviates many of these problems. Combat isn't remotely satisfying and it's overly simple; it doesn't have the excuse of "being for kids" considering the lego games are aimed for kids and the gameplay is very fun and involved. It's also bizarre that during the non-active part of the game (when youre just walking around paris not on any mission) player two is unable to play in any way, which, again, makes it incredibly boring for the second player. I guess if you really like the show you can get some enjoyment out of this game due to their being some trivia for the final boss that directly relies on your knowledge of the show, but apart from that this game is mid as hell.