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Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - Booster Course Pass (DLC) review
by Dima064

As of writing this, the Booster Course is not finished yet, but this review is for the waves, that have been already released.

A pleasant surprise to see such an old game comeback so suddenly, perhaps due to MKTour’s decline in downloads, but a good idea to release it as DLC, as MK8 is much more loved and still being played to this day. The waves 1-4 are.. well, I don’t know. There are good cups, there are mixed cups. The art-style aspect also kinda flops sometimes (at least we got Waluigi Pinball released properly), because sometimes it feels like Tour’s maps were lazily ported without any improvement. The original maps like the Ice Cream map also look dated, like it’s made out of plastic. But in terms of gameplay it’s ok enough, but the pass is not worth the price to be honest. Sure, you get a whole different package with the same amount of maps as the original MK8, but due to some maps being mixed, I can’t recommend it for it’s price to be honest. Better wait for sale.
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