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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor review
by xXWoodinatorXx

I like the opening. I already like Cal more in this one. He looks cooler and I his personality a bit more. More mature. 

The performance is awful. The graphics look good when things aren’t moving but the frame rate is awful. It’s choppy and noticeable and affects gameplay. That’s a bummer.

This might be my fault for exploring side areas too much early on but I’ve lost two 95% full experience bars by stumbling across bosses that were too high a level for me. That was frustrating because it takes a long time to gain experience and lots of it comes from finding echoes and it’s gone permanently. Not a big deal but there have been a few frustrating hiccups to start. I’m going to focus on the main missions for a bit until my character is a higher level. Or I’m better. Im still button mashing too much.

I like the style of this way more. The larger open zone style is better. The cosmetics are way better. I’m a big fan of handlebar moustache Cal with the obiwan flow. It’s way better than Cal as a boring young kid. The story is better too, but I’m not very far yet so I can’t really say a lot about the story. There’s a lot of improvements though. It’s a shame that the performance is still really bothering me. I should have waited until they patched it to play.

Just got the blaster stance. I love it. Fits with my Cals style. I’m starting to love this game, despite its bullshit performance.

Finally beat the spawn of ogda boss. Died so many times. That legendary frog was something. It was pretty epic. The blaster saver combo is awesome.

Just spent a long time customizing my lightsaber and blaster. They both look great. It was fun. I think they nailed the cosmetics in this one. A major improvement over the first. 

I liked the hologram board game. It’s fun. It’s a simple version of TABS which was awesome. This games pretty great.

I’m loving this game. The cross guard is my second favourite stance. It combos well with the blaster. The combat is actually fantastic in this game. The level design is good too. 

The combat is so good in this game. The enemy variety is also very impressive. I’m loving it. Surpassed my expectations. If it wasn’t for the performance issues I think this would be a A. It might still end up there but we will see. It’s at least a high A- though.

The Darth Vader Cere fight was awesome. It was hard but not to the point of frustration and it was epic. 

Bodes betrayal doesn’t make a ton of sense. The logic doesn’t really add up. The boss fight was epic though. And Cal shooting him with the blaster was a good finish. I liked Cal embracing the darkness and not following all those lame jedi rules. 

Beat it. I ended up really liking jedi survivor. It was awesome. I really took my time with it. Explored the majority of the map. I never grew tired of the combat. It felt so good and I loved the blaster stance. Crossgaurd and double blade were also fun but blaster stance was my favourite.

Really close to an A. Just a bit shy. 

Final Score: A-

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