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Dark Messiah of Might and Magic review
by Sasha_Cooper

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Dark Messiah of Might and Magic – a dark fantasy game from 2006 that still impresses with its gameplay and execution quality to this day. This project wonderfully combines elements of action and RPG.

One of the game's most significant elements is the physics of objects. It's so realistic and detailed that it's rarely seen even in modern games. Thanks to this, the player can use the surrounding environment to their advantage, creating the most incredible and intricate ways to kill enemies.

Items in the game can be used as weapons, and thanks to the physics, the game offers an infinite number of ways to use them.

Dark Messiah of Might and Magic offers players three main classes, each of which has its unique abilities and style of play.

1. Warrior: This class is for those who prefer straightforward combat.
2. Mage: For those who prefer a more sophisticated approach.
3. Assassin: If you prefer stealth and maneuverability.

Each class offers unique opportunities and ways to go through the game. You can focus on one class or mix skills from different classes to create your own unique style of play.

Regardless of the chosen style of play, every player will find something in Dark Messiah of Might and Magic for themselves. Here are strategic elements, action, a deep plot, and a well-thought-out game world.

Be sure to give this game a chance. It is worth your attention.


I remember trying to play multiplayer in 2007. The servers were overcrowded and I had constant lags, due to the fact that most of the servers were foreign, and the Internet via «Dial up» connection. Somehow managed to catch an era when this game was popular. Now I could only find one server where the online at best on weekends, and the maximum I saw 6 people on the server. Most of the mechanics of singleplayer were cut, but there now analog of the system of rolling skills when you level up.
«Blew my mind»
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Microsoft from Deutsch
Outstanding Game. Every now and then I get the Dark Messiah out again and play it again, simply because it was gameplay technically very well thought out. I recently learned that there are even mods for it (see the Nexus Page on Dark Messiah, or the "Ultimate Edition" from the Steam guides to the Game), and they are mostly well thought out. As a result, a few Things like your own weapon models can be graphically refreshed, or made more Balance-technically logical, and thus allow for a different Experience. For me at least 9.5/10, apart from its (relatively minor) signs of Aging. Half a point Deduction because of source engine.
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Microsoft from Deutsch
Since I was already so enthusiastic about Arx Fatalis, I chose this unofficial Successor. This is a Story based on the Events of the Heroes of Might & Magic series. Without elaborating on them ... I can really recommend this Game. It's not a classic RPG; Where you collect and sell Items, for example, but an Action Game, which, however, contains many Elements of a Role-playing game. So there are the classical Classes (Magicians, Villains, Shooters, warriors), which already existed at Arx Fatalis, and can also be freely combined with Each other. This is an Aspect that has already come into Its own In the Elder Scrolls series, but Dark Messiah of & Magic offers more in Terms of Combat. You can determine how the Weapon should strike. It is possible to kick Opponents off the Cliff. And even that take and throw objects is possible. Physically, the Game can even be measured with current Titles! In addition, the many secret Rooms are worth mentioning, some of which can only be found by Reading Books. The Implementation of the Story, however, was, in my Opinion, a bit ridiculous. (Attention Spoilers!!!) Xana is an evil Demon. That was clear to me almost from the Beginning ... Here I found (Attention again spoilers, but in another Game!!!) Divinity 2: Ego Draconi'S much more successful. But I don't want to write any more about it ... (Spoiler End) The Atmosphere, however, makes the whole thing good again. It reminds me of Arx Fatalis in almost all sorts of Respects, which makes a certain Nostalgia Bonus a good Thing. That'S why I recommend that everyone have played through this Game beforehand. The Sounds are alternately Ambient and Epic, and matching almost Perfect to the Game. Many Plot elements in the Story run also have Arx Fatalis traits (entering a Crypt, for example). It must be mentioned, however, that the Game is still markedly different enough from Arx Fatalis. It should not be forgotten that this is an Action Game where you almost continuously follow the "Commands" of Xana. Really negative (in addition to the Implementation of the Story) are actually just a Few Crashes. In addition, the Master Servers are unfortunately already switched off, which is why I could only enter the Multiplayer in empty Steam Server Rooms ... That is why a Multiplayer verdict is issued. Overall, the Game scores mainly through the Atmosphere and the Combat System, and that's Worth it.