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Redfall review
by zNeverSleep

I'm actually sad about it.

I love coop games, since playing with my friends is always a good experience in games like that - even when the game itself it's not actually good. Redfall is not even sustainable as a substructure to the fun. Why? simple enough.

Poor gameplay. Its AI is horrendous. I remember playing smartphone games with smatter enemies than in this game. The skill tree is the definition of a "modern rpg", when the abilities do not actually matter and are overinflated to give you a sensation of a lot of content. The inventory is crazy bad. You gain a lot of weapons too fast and the overall experience is unbalanced, even on hard difficulty. Also, there's no need to work together since no actual treat requires that, so the abilities are kinda useless at some point. The only ok thing is the weapons design.

Poor story. Most of it is told by static images - this game costs 70$ - and documents. No actual storytelling, I can assure you. NPC dialog? forget it. And how does the narrative influence the gameplay? oh, grab that and that, and that and bring it right here. That's it.

Poor optimization. Alright, I'm already used to it since PC ports are usually bad in the generation. As a Ryzen 5 1600 owner, that actually gets worse since my CPU can't take some bad games. Even that, I never saw something run so bad on my PC. Jesus. Constant stuttering and FPS drop. I was playing at 25 fps sometimes, and reducing the graphics quality didn't do anything. The funny part is when you enter an underground map - separate from the open world - and the fps goes to 80 right away. 

I do not recommend this game. If you have gamepass, you can try it later, but not right now.
«Buggy as hell»
«Waste of time»
«I could make it better»