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Destiny 2: Lightfall review
by Marki3810

Lightfall is not an expansion for new players, it's basically part 1 of the finale for the current story-line. Speaking of story, it sucks. The campaign gameplay wise is fun but the story is less than stellar especially compared to last years expansion, the Witch Queen. The new subclass is really fun and good but you may be disappointed that the Spider-Man fantasy is neutered compared to the short cool-downs of the campaign. Still one of the best subclasses in the game, but not because of grappling. Post campaign things are fun and the quality of life improvements are much appreciated. Loadouts, new methods of stunning champs, streamlined modding system, difficulty increase, etc. I like most of these improvements although I think some work could be done. Especially difficulty, the game is harder now which I like but some things like legend lost sectors could use a drop rate boost since they take longer. Lightfall is nowhere near perfect and clearly rushed, but I had more fun than I didn't. If you're interested I'd definitely wait for a sale or look for a steam key.