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Batman: Arkham Knight review
by Marki3810

Batman: Arkham Knight is my favorite entry in the Arkham series. Which feels strange to say. I believe this entry has some of the highest highs, but, also some of the lowest lows *cough cough Batmobile cough cough. First, let's talk about the highs. The classic combat system comes back in its most refined form, providing the most fluid experience yet. You can get by with simple maneuvers but for those who wish to delve deeper, there is a lot to experiment with. You can intertwine your combos with take-downs and an array of gadgets.

There is another facet of gameplay that is new to the arkham series, the Batmobile. When you're zooming down the streets of Gotham, swerving around cramped streets, mowing down thugs, and engaging in vehicle pursuits the Batmobile is an absolute blast. Unfortunately, the Batmobile can enter into a tank mode. At first, it seems pretty fun, just another way to vary up the gameplay. However, it gets boring after a handful of times, annoying after ten or so, and mind-numbing when you're well into double digits. It's a real shame that such a good experience has this one major flaw. To be clear, tank combat isn't bad, there's just too many encounters and it is so much more shallow when compared to playing as Batman on foot. I am willing to forgive the tank combat because the rest of the package is so good.

I enjoyed the story, but, my standards to enjoy a story are pretty low so take my opinion on it with a grain of salt. I thought it was pretty good but not as good as Arkham City. There is a twist that I as someone who is not a Batman fan could see coming from a mile away. When it happened I couldn't tell if I was supposed feel surprised or not, it just fell flat on its face. I honestly don't think that it detracts much from the story but I am aware that it's something that people aren't happy with. I don't have much to say on the story front as I'm bad with dissecting and analyzing them.

Arkham Knight is filled to the brim with side content. The side missions (except maybe for the Riddler) are pretty good and worth doing just to experience their side narratives. Some are weaker than others but for the most part they are pretty decent. There is bunch of other stuff that is a complete waste of time. I am largely sick of Ubisoft style checklist open-world activities, so if you aren't tired of that style then you'll love what's here. You have riveting activities such disable mines (aka Batmobile time), take out enemies in one of many generic outposts, collecting too many riddler trophies, etc. I got some enjoyment from doing some of those activities but I have no desire to do them all. I want a game not a 9 to 5.

Overall, Batman Arkham Knight is an excellent game with some notable blemishes. There was enough good to outweigh the bad for me but others may have a lower tolerance.

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Combat, traversal, and stealth are at their peak here, and the map is almost too full of content. The heavy reliance on the Batmobile really drags the game down at points.
Apparently I got lucky and Arkham Knight ran without any problems on my PC. Anyway, the technical flaws have been dealt with, so the reviews should stop focusing on them.

Best game in the Arkham series. Combat is perfect and funny (just as was in previous games), Batmobile is tremendous fun (although a bit overused) and everything else is great. Plot and cinematography feels like from a professional movie, voice acting is absolutely superb (Noble as Scarecrow is perfect). The ending is incredible - full of emotions, logical yet still mysterious, focusing on Batman's darkest fears. If you played previous Arkham games, then Arkham Knight is a must have.
A next gen game that came out in 2015. This game is brilliant an deserves to be noticed as a GOAT of gaming.
«Blew my mind»
«Just one more turn»
I think this a lot of people's least favorite arkham game.  It's my favorite though.
It would be a perfect Batman's game if there was no freaking Batmobile. Am I playing World of Tanks or what?

P.S. Here is some Joker for you, guys
Combat at it's best, Stealth at it's best, writing at it's worst. Just batmobile, just batmobile, just batmobile...
«Can’t stop playing»
«That ending!»
«That ending!»
The greatest superhero game of all time. The game looks fantastic. The art design and atmosphere is very well done and the graphics are equally impressive. The combat feels fluid and makes you feel like Batman. The gadgets and the increased mobility that Batman has in this game are great additions from the previous games. I really enjoyed the batmobile challenges. I also enjoyed the bat tank missions but they are the only type of challenge in this game that I found a bit repetitive. I’ve seen lots of criticism on the bat tank and I think peoples criticism gets way out of hand. 

Lastly, I absolutely loved what they did with the joker in this one. This game has a great Batman story.

Final Score: A+
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Microsoft from Deutsch
Batman™: Arkham Knight (Bought for about €30am in The Keyhshop) What is purely clear from the front is that you need a very good PC to be able to play this Game sensibly! Yes, the Implementation on the PC is unfortunately the biggest shit and it does not look like the nice Colleagues can save this Game, too bad actually ... Personally, I can't complain, because with MSI's 980Ti and INTEL's 6700k, the Game runs with me as oiled on a constant 60FPS and also looks stunning! On Story and so on I don't want to go down great that everyone has to play for themselves but you can definitely say you will have enough to do! Arkham Night still somehow managed to become my Favorite Batman Game, because the Combat System, the Graphics, the Story and everything around it is very much successful! :) GUTER PC = BUY! :) NOT SO GOOD PC = LOIIIIVER NOT! :/