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Lego City Undercover review
by Marki3810

I played on pc. LEGO City Undercover was a surprisingly good time. The story was genuinely funny and enjoyable to complete and the gameplay of the Lego Formula really lends itself well to a true open-world experience. In addition to the main story, there are tons of side-activities and collectibles all over the city. Something that this game does differently than other lego games is that instead of using a whole slew of characters to complete the story, you use a single character, Chase McCain. From the outset, this change to focusing on a single character may seem like game would get stale but to remedy this issue Chase McCain is given many outfits which grant him various abilities. There are other characters to unlock but these will only get use in the open-world and freeplay missions.

Unlike the original release on Wii U, this version of the game features co-op. This addition is a double edged sword however as it feels really shoehorned in. When playing in co-op you get the sense that this game was designed for singleplayer; the game got soflocked thanks to teleporting to my co-op partner. Co-op isn't bad but feels a bit janky.

Overall, LEGO City Undercover is a solid game that does some unique stuff compared to other LEGO games. Definitely worth giving a go if you are a fan of the LEGO games.

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Lots of fun in co-op and finally half-decent loading times.

Couple random crashes.

Abilities unlocked by progressing the main quest can be a problem if you explored the city early on and now have to remember all the places previously blocked or with secrets.
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Microsoft from Deutsch
Lego City Undercover I've been waiting a long time for this Game to come out for the PC. In the Meantime, I have played the Stroy. The Story is good and of course the LEGO humor doesn't come up short in this Game. The Control is like other Lego games, but I don't think the Control of Lego is quite successful for the Keyboard, but the Game also supports controller control and that Lego has succeeded well. The Game is not over after playing the Story through. There are still many small Side Missions and if you want to create 100% then you have to play each Level again to find all the hidden Characters, etc.
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Microsoft from Deutsch
+ Scope (very much to collect/search) + quite varied missions + Game time + perfect for a Controller + Sound-not technically perfect, had several Crashes later in the Course-Reason Story unfortunately does not impress me: Find broken inmate again What you have to work Undercover with-a Tick too light (naturally good for Younger) Clear, LEGO City Undercover is not the best LEGO Game. Jurassic World and the Batman Parts I personally find better. Nevertheless, I spent a few Hours here, because collecting it, doing Tasks and doing It story was Fun. Overall, you should buy the Game on Offer. I got it for €5 at the time and had my Fun.
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Microsoft from Deutsch
Since the Game is now reasonably decently playable after programming Errors that are as annoying As they are incomprehensible, I feel able to write a Review. The Game itself is top, with a Pinch of HUMOR familiar from LEGO® games, a large Open-world environment and a long, fun story that offers something for Everyone in terms of genre-technical. With a Game time of just under 40 Hours, if you really want to collect EVERYTHING (without a guide), the Price of £29.99s is more than reasonable. But LEGO® City Undercover is unfortunately far from being perfect; Despite various Patches, the Game crashes from time to time, with Memory Points or effect-heavy Sequences, the Game likes to jerk in Spite of sufficient Hardware, the Visibility of the LEGO® elements is unfortunately quite limited (which means Finding Side activities by Scanner Often designed Useless), the Synchronization of Game time AND Success does not work despite internal Recording offline OUT (I played through the game; and just "played 1.6 Hours"), and-let's face it-the German Synchronized voices are not Be sure top (I'm just saying Ellie or Passersby ...). Unfortunately, certain Jump-and-run sequences, which sometimes resemble a true Gamble, are also challenging, as Chase McCain occasionally refuses to hold on to a Pipe or pole. Driving a car is ... Interesting ... and for Camera Control I would have liked to have enjoyed a mouse support. All in all, that sounds pretty negative, but the fun and "huge" LEGO® Open-world combined with a funny Story make this Game really recommended. I would at least encourage anyone who has already played other LEGO® games to play this Game. It's really great. With epic Moments. And funny ones. However, I would still like to see Improvements. Rated 7/10.
It's not skill based: You follow the arrows and press A, then listen to a joke. Sometimes there is no way to know what you need to do, but the arrows point you in the right direction. It's not always clear the exact spot you need to stand to progress. It's very automatic, mindless fun. There are occasional 3D platforming skills needed. It's basically a parody of cop movies. The locations keep changing, the dialogue is funny and it's not hard, so it's amusing. The missions can feel pretty long, however. There were also a few bugs, like during the first chase where I couldn't steer until I reset the mission manually.

Positive points
▫ Fun game with funny dialogue
▫ Fun to play Lego and destroy things
▫ Looks simple but nice

Negative points
▫ Go to location, press A (very simple)
▫ Sometimes the Switch struggles to keep up (choppy)
▫ So automatic that you rely on it knowing what you are trying to do
Unlike most LEGO games, had a blast with this one.