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Uncharted 2: Among Thieves review
by zNeverSleep

Huge evolution from the previous game.

This sequence got better in almost every sense. Gameplay-wise, it just feels more responsible now - even with the slow sensitivity and aim acceleration problems. Playing this in a DualShock is still painful but pretty doable. The guns are varied and stronger, and so are the enemies, but at least it feels a little fairer now. Scenarios are not repetitive as the last one and the climbing - even being "fake", is better since is more cinematic.

The story is cool. The dialog and characters overall got even better, as the cutscenes. Level design feels challenging - in a good and bad way -, there are good sequences of action, and the train one was pretty good.

On the other hand, this game didn't age that well for one specific element: the script. The way Uncharted 2 relies on that is kinda cringe sometimes. A good example is the boss fight on the train. I shoot the guy 100 times - I'm not even exaggerating - and threw grenades at him and he just refused to die cuz the only way to really kill him was face to face. To be clear, he was kinda unprotected, with his arms exposed. Like, how idiot do you have to be to think that gameplay section was ok?

Another thing that I definitively don't recommend you is to play this game in the higher difficulties. Man, this game is casual in so many ways, but not in how hard can it be. Why? Cuz is unfair. The enemies don't have a good AI, but they will try to hit you behind the walls you are covered with - even if they don't actually see you. They will throw a lot of grenades and let you with critical HP in like... 1 second - when the time required to auto-heal is absolutely insane. The worst part of it is that the game forces you to play it like they want. The variety of gameplay here is minimal, and that's why this game is hard. The final boss is a great example of how Naughty Dog is bad at doing those things at that moment. It's so boring and random that oh my god.

It was a good game afterall and I do recommend it. But yeah, there are some red flags about it.
«Can’t stop playing»

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