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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty review
by PaulaHub

🍓I play a new s​ех game 1​8​+​) I can not get through it, very hard) Who played, help me ➤

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wo long is first souls-like games i have completed ever. now it's time to finish all souls games and SEKIRO and ELDEN Ring.

Also thanks Gamepass.
Fun character creator. My guy looks fucking cool. Decent opening cutscene. It looked cool but I have no idea about the story or what’s going on. The first section is short and simple but then the first boss fight is quite hard. I had to take a break. I was tired and boss fights look like they are going to take a lot of focus.

Beat the boss fight the next day but it did take about 40 more minutes. It was tough. I don’t really like that they make the boss fight so much harder than the area. I get soulslikes sometimes do this to show the gamer that it’s going to be a challenging game but I still think it should be more of a gradual build up. The boss fight was good though. I wasn’t getting too frustrated.

The next two bosses were way easier. 2nd boss took me about 5 tries and the third boss I beat my first time. Kind of weird that the first boss is so much harder, but I’m happy it isn’t going to be a slog all the way through. 

I’m really liking the combat. It feels great. Like nioh with a bit of sekiro thrown in there with the focus on parrying.

I’m not going to rank it as high as nioh yet and I’m still too soon so we have to see how it progresses but my initial impressions are that this is as good as nioh. Both have shit stories and great combat. Both have lots of weapons and magic and items to use. Both have pretty cool worlds and enemies. I might end up liking this one even more than nioh because I like the parrying. 

Just beat Lu Bu and his horse, although he escaped so I’m sure I have to fight him again. It was tough. I had to use the NPC allies and I swapped my build to ice to counter his fire and then it didn’t take too long.

I really like that wo long lets you reallocate your skills with no penalty. It lets you play around with different builds and weapons without feeling like you  are at a disadvantage because the synergies don’t work.

The English being dubbed is funny. Couldn’t they do both? I guess it’s more work. But I think they could have done it.

I’m getting close to the end. I’ve been overpowered the last 3 or 4 main missions but I’ve enjoyed that. I love Wo Long. I’ve done every side single side mission and will continue till the end. It has many flaws but they nailed the combat, gameplay loop, and the build variety and that’s all that’s needed. 

Beat it. Loved it. The last third of the game was easy because I was over leveled but I was loving it. The tutorial boss was the hardest boss for me for the whole game. I died the most to him.

Story and Dialogue: Trash but nobody cares

Word Building and Lore: Fairly generic, not that interesting

Combat Mechanics: Incredibly fun and satisfying

Combat Variety: A ton of weapons, magic spells, martial arts. Enemy variety is almost sufficient, the last couple levels I was noticing I was tired of fighting the same enemies. 

Gameplay Loop: Very Engaging

Issues: Weird difficulty spikes with a few bosses, could be frustrating for those not as talented as I

Graphics and performance: Not awful but feels like last gen. Fidelity isn’t great, enemies pop in from very short distances, load times are slow.

Character creator: Excellent. I made a Badass. He looks awesome.

Final Score: A-