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Humanity review
by PaulaHub

🍓I play a new s​ех game 1​8​+​) I can not get through it, very hard) Who played, help me ➤

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Good start. I like the style and music. The puzzles have been clever and fun to start.

Fun puzzle game. A weird “story” that I’m liking. The challenges have been clever and creative so far. 

Damn this game is challenging but in a fun way. This is the type of puzzle game I enjoy. It explains the rules and mechanics well and you just need to figure out how to make it all work. I’m 6 hours in and so far I’ve got every goldy. The game is making me feel smart.

Just started “War” and I’m really liking humanity. This story is great. I love the slow changes in the challenges to keep it constantly interesting.

I’m continually impressed with this games creativity. It’s very well done. The pacing is great. The style is aesthetically pleasing, and the story is interesting. I’m very curious to see what’s going on and where it will unfold.

Beat it. Loved it. Got every goldy. Loved the story. Fantastic puzzle game.

Final Score: B+