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The Chant review
by BloodScorchedSun

This is kind of a wild game in a few aspects. It goes for a more spiritual and monster horror than anything else. So much of the aesthetics and mechanics revolve around New Age things such as smudging sticks, essential oils and crystals. At first it got some eye rolls but I actually think it turned out to be a very cool and unique take on mechanics. It's kind of goofy to attack an enemy with a bundle of smoking sage but pairing that with prisms that give you unique abilities and fight giant mandala looking, carnivorous plants and you have a decent game. There are aspects of the game where it doesn't look the best but others such as a close up on a very sweaty Sonny, show off some great lighting detail with some very creepy vibes. I think it's a great, fresh take on a horror game and it's run time doesn't overstay it's welcome.