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Life is Strange: Before the Storm Remastered review
by zNeverSleep

It was a good experience overall.

The game has improved its graphics in a way that seems fresh - but not too much. 4K textures, reworked expressions and steady 4k 60fps looked great to me. Although, I had to sit really close to my 4K 50' TV to see the detailed textures. Unfortunately, I saw some minor bugs. Nothing too crazy though. I suffered with hard screen tearing issues. For some reason, the game doesn't have a V-Sync option in the settings. I had to activate it on NVidia Control Panel. Only then the game was actually playable.

What about the game itself? well, it is an amazing addition to the main story. Chloe is an amazing character. She has been through so shit - her path and choices make much sense when I understand that. She's basically... real. But we already like her. Rachel, on the other hand, had to be too great for the expectations set in the previous LIS. Somehow, she manages to do that. Other characters had an additional screen time here, which made them a little more understandable - in other words: human. An example is David and Nathan. The game opens space to fun theories either and makes us have some fun, even knowing what is going to happen.

Great game.
«That ending!»