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Mario Party Superstars review
by zNeverSleep

Probably my favorite Mario game right now.

Why? The game only works if you actively talk with your friends. Strats, lies, collabs, and coop mini-games are essential here. That way, there's no way you can have fun right here. Also, since it can last a few hours, you can totally play it for all the hangout with your friends if you want.

As nothing is perfect, this game can be pretty unfair. Thus, unpredictability can be a kind of artificial. So, at the end of the day, if you care most about having a good time with your friends, this can't be a problem. Otherwise, you'll get frustrated. A good example was my friend, Neto. He used the same strat all game. He literally played, sleep, woke up, and played again. At the game's end, he got lucky and won it - without even caring about it. Since it was a lot of fun and memorable, it's ok. But be advised about it.
«Can’t stop playing»
«Better with friends»

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