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God of War: Ghost of Sparta review
by deleted_675425

An alright spinoff. The story is actually the most interesting thing here

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An ok spin off. Doesn't do anything new or special
«Can’t stop playing»
God of War: Ghost of Sparta is an in-betwee-quel. Set after the events of God of War, Ghost of Sparta reveals more about Kratos as he (though now sitting on the throne as the titular God of War) is still plagued with visions of his past and goes on a quest to free himself from his past while exploring some of the most important moments of his life and reuniting with faces from his past. This game really works on the story level. Kratos is further fleshed out and more hardship is dwelt on. Some people erroneously claim that this character is shallow and lacks depth, but this game shows insight as to who this person was and proves that he isn’t this pent up, angry, violent warrior. The graphics are good, this was originally released on PSP, but the graphics in the remaster are obviously better than Chains of Olympus. The gameplay is generally the same, as with most God of War games, but there are minor additions that make combat more fluid. The real kicker with these games always comes with the items and weapons that you acquire along the way. This game has some fantastic weapons that allow for a diverse combat experience. The voice acting is great and as I mentioned before, the story is great. There’s nothing much to really complain about besides the fact that nothing really stands out as being a defining moment of the game, besides the last parts of the game and the story and events contained therein.

Rating 4/5