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Rayman Legends review
by deleted_675425

Stellar. The quintessential Rayman game. And the music levels are super fun

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Played the first 4 or 5 ish levels and it was a pretty fun start. I recently played Ori and the will of the Wisps and I think the Ori games took some inspiration from this game. Ori looks way better still as it’s newer and more refined but Rayman Legends has a really nice art style and the depth of the world reminds me of Ori. Good start. I can see myself enjoying this game. We will see.

That level where it plays the song black Betty and you are jumping and moving to the beat was awesome. I also loved the monster singing there monster version of black Betty. Great vibes.

The movement and platforming is fine but not blowing me away at the moment. I’m enjoying it for a few levels at a time. Not feeling the need to binge at all. It’s not challenging enough yet to really capture me. Again, in theory it will get harder as I am early in still.

I love the music levels. Where you run and it’s times to beat of these popular songs. Very fun. Definitely the best part of the game.

I’m probably halfway ish through the game at this point and I’m calling it. I don’t like the actual gameplay that much. I like the design, art style, and I love the music. But the movement and platforming isn’t that fun. I got a taste and found out it’s alright but not really for me.

Final Score: B
The default keyboard controls suck when controlling Murphy and the player at the same time, and because of that, the penultimate level is impossible to complete without a workaround or a controller. Also, the PC version doesn't have online content anymore (challenges),  so a good portion of the game is lost forever. If Ubisoft or a modder releases a version with offline challenges, then this game would be perfect 10/10.

Oh, and don't bother playing Rayman Origins, almost all levels in that game are in this one with better controls and implementation, and the ones that don't you can just see playthroughs on the internet.
«Constantly dying and enjoy it»
my favorite rayman, and just a fantastic platformer.
what a hilarious game
«Can’t stop playing»
The Murphy stuff was a gimmick in the Wii U version and it really shows here. It's functional and fine but later ports show how forced and unnecessary it is. Also not exclusive to this game but platformers that have both a walk and a run speed should stop mapping run to a button. Solid enough platformer, though.
One of the best platformers out there
«Blew my mind»
«OST on repeat»
10/10 - One of the best plataformers i ever played.
«Can’t stop playing»
«Better with friends»
i think the cast of playable characters should be trimmed, as there are many re-skins in there, but it's a great platformer otherwise. the musical levels are a nice touch.
Good fun in local co-op.

Beautiful and colorful visuals. Good variety of characters.

The game gets exponentially more difficult and soon becomes a stressful exercise in patience.
I absolutely cannot recommend this game enough. Everything about this is just magnificent. The gameplay is some of the finest I’ve ever seen, the art is super beautiful, the music is absolutely superb, Kung Foot needs to appear at Evo, and the addition of Origins levels just combines two already-great games into one amazing package. Even the randomly-changing online challenges are always so fun to compete in. It is a necessity to play this as it’s now in my all-time favorites ever.
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»
Rayman legends is by far the best Rayman game and one of the greatest 2d platformers of the decade. The game blends fluid controls with the beautiful level art that begs to be explored for lums and other goodies while keeping a frantic pace. The problem that just hurts the game enough so that I can't consider it exceptional is the wealth of murfy stages that require you to use the gamepad's touch screen and gyro to create a safe path for Rayman for the level (assuming you're playing the wii u version). This slows the game to a grinding halt and makes you wish that you could get back to the platforming stages. However the murfy stages aren't terrible and the platforming stages are well worth their wait so I definitely recommend this game.