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Gunfire Reborn review
by xXWoodinatorXx

This game has been fun right from the start. I beat it on my seventh try, first day of playing it, which happened to be my first try with the dog. The dog is much better than the cat. Duel wielding creates such a high DPS. I like the game though. Maybe it will run its course quickly but so far I’ve enjoyed the gun variety, the scroll variety, the goblets. There’s a lot of fun roguelite elements. I keep playing because I have a bunch of strategies I want to test out which is the sign of a great rogue lite. I’m going to keep playing even though I’ve beat it once. Right now I’m thinking it try to beat it on normal with every character. And maybe see if I can win on higher difficulties with my faves.

Really enjoying this game and want to play more but a couple games are leaving gamepass and PS+ that I want to try out so I’m putting this on hold for a little bit. 

Fuck ya beat the actual final snow boss guy. Once again with the duel wielding dog. I got an insanely high damage build with lucky shot. It was great. 

Another run with the new lighting guy. I had what I thought was a really good build with the fast shot crossbow that did huuuuge crit damage but then I died when I got swarmed. Damn.

I’m slowing down a bit. I kind of want to win maybe one more time with this shock guy but then I’ll probs be done. 

Damn another close run that ended abruptly. This game does a great job at making many many different builds and weapons seem like viable options.

Okay I’m calling it before I get bored. I wanted one more win but after a few more close runs it’s starting to feel repetitive. My main criticisms of the game is the opening act is a bit slow (not a unique roguelite complaint) but after awhile I was just going through the first act in autopilot and it wasn’t that fun. And then my main complaint is I wish there was a bit more player feedback when you get hit. I often felt like I died out of nowhere and you can die very fast. It feels like it’s really meant for coop but I only ever played solo. Overall I really liked it though. The gameplay could be a bit tighter, it feels like it’s meant for mouse and keyboard, but otherwise it’s great.

Final Score: B+

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