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Dreamscaper review
by xXWoodinatorXx

It’s an alright start. It hasn’t fully clicked right away but it seems interesting. The combat isn’t bad. The roguelite aspects don’t seem super deep but the weapon and ability variety might be alright, too soon to tell. The home world stuff has also been decent and it’s clearly trying to be thoughtful. We will see if it pans out.

It took a few nights for it to click but now it has. I had to get familiar with a few weapons and the feel. It’s pretty good. I’m having fun. I was thinking of bailing but now I’m going to try to beat it before it’s off gamepass. In a week.

It’s continuing to grow on me and at this point I’m considering buying it once it leaves gamepass. We will see how far I can get in the next few days. I’m enjoying it a lot right now though. At this point I’d a say the combat is better than decent, it’s actually  quite good and controls well. It took me a bit to get used to for whatever reason. I’ve made it to the final boss once so far. Got the boss down to maybe half health. 

I have started to figure out preferences in my builds. I only use burning step now for a dash. I think it’s clearly the best. It covers the most distance, is quick, and if that wasn’t enough the burning trail it leaves behind is also good for some bonus damage. I also realize I tend to never use the shield so I like the one that automatically blocks an attack every 20s. I’m starting to figure out which weapons and lucid attacks are might faves as well. The roguelite aspect is working now. I’m making decisions that feel meaningful. I’m thinking about better strategies I could try after every failed attempt.

The hometown stuff seems thoughtful and well done but I haven’t really given it much time. I don’t read the dialogue. I’m rushing through to get my upgrades. No time for chit chat!

Damn a couple more close runs. I’m often dying at the 5th or last zones. Fun game. I’m debating between trying to power through and beat it before it leaves or just take my time and enjoy it and buy it after… that’s what I should do.

Beat it! Nice. Ended up beating the final boss with the finger pistols which is fantastic. But I only bought that right before. I used the flying swords and the fire blast abilities for the late game. Honestly it didn’t really feel like my best build. I was scraping by at points but I lasted till the end and then got the win. Fun game. I think I’ll probably move on now. Maybe I’ll play a couple more rounds but probably not. 

Final Score: B+