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by chrono14

Overall impression was above average 7/10. If you like final fantasy, this one has its own unique charm. While the story isn't anything remarkable and the battle system is very familiar for jrpgs , the world is creative enough to keep you engaged. Music is nice and I started to feel for certain characters. I played the pixel remaster version and there was a few moments where i was like "this part is actually dope (cough opera scene). Not a big fan of grinding but once you get the growth egg and you find the dinosaur area, it becomes tolerable.

I think if they added like a cinematic scenes (like ps1 chrono trigger) to really help develop the imagination of the world and characters, I would have been way more engaged. 

It was cool I can see why people have recommended it. It wasn't a bore but i wasn't on the edge of my seat as well. Mid-tier, good enough for final fantasy. Will i be revisiting it? Probably not but if there was a remake version, i might check it out. I kinda what to know how terra and celes will look like.

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Pretty solid. Another improvement over the last entry (4), for several different reasons. Most noticeably for me, the combat feels much more engaging. There are a lot more opportunities for involvement in battle, whether it be through characters' special abilities or the use of espers. I found myself zoning out and button spamming less this go around. I also appreciated the bits of free reign the game gives you throughout. The beginning of the second half stands out in this regard. The plot, while still nothing special, now feels more lived out through player experience than simply delivered in monologues. Altogether feels pretty similar to FFIV, but the areas which are changed are almost universally improvements. 
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Microsoft from Deutsch
Now that I have spent almost 100 Hours in the Game, I can allow myself a Verdict or an Evaluation. First of all, I played the Game with the defilter mod, which removes bilinear Filtering. From that, the Game Representation benefits enormously, in my Opinion. I don't want to draw any Comparisons to the Super Nintendo Version, which was released in 1994, because it has its own Charm, especially with Nostalgists. This Version is a Port of the Mobile Version, which is accompanied by certain Weaknesses, especially in the Combat Interface. The Battle Menu, with its high-altitude Menus, is for me simply a lousy Representation of the Active Time Battle System. But that can be blurred and you get used to it over Time. Story-technically, the Game convinces me all along the Line. Most Characters have wonderfully worked Out personalities. Kefka convinces as an abysmal evil and insane Adversary. Especially in the second Half of the Game, one is significantly freer in his Actions and can pursue sufficient Side Quests, which add some depth to the individual Characters. For me, as a relative Friend of Achievements, these same have motivated me in places. If you really want to reach everyone, you have to play the Game very attentively on the one hand, but also accept hours of Grind. I would have liked to see one or the other Achievement even more so, such as one for Reaching 100% in the Bestiary, because you do not encounter all opponents when Playing Through. For Gau's "Rage" Commands, I would have liked them to be limited exclusively to the Bestiary. Unfortunately, there are four Opponents in the Game that you can very easily "overlook," making it impossible to collect all The Rage Commandos in the current Run. For Achievement Hunters I basically recommend playing the Game once on my Own And going hunting in the second Run, then you can also consult Community guide if necessary. Graphically, you don't want to lose a lot of Words, because they are expedient and you get used to the slightly dislocated Sprites relatively quickly. The Soundtrack, however, is terrific and at no Time annoying. Let's get to the Pro and Contra: Pro:-Beautiful Character drawing, Including an abysmally evil adversary-Deep Story-Grandiose Soundtrack-Relatively Strong Freedom of Action in the second Half of the Game-mostly meaningful Achievements Contra:-Despite Bestiarium, not all Opponents can count-slightly deplaced Sprites-extreme Grinding for the "Rage" Achievement Conclusion: For just under 15 Euros you get offered here, at least 30 Hours of Play. If you want to discover everything, you are busy much longer. In my almost 100 Hours, however, there are also about 15 Hours of pure Grind, which you prefer to drop under the Table. Everything else was a lot of Fun for me. I've already spent significantly more Money on significantly less Gameplay.
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Microsoft from Swedish
I've played through this a couple of times in the past but I think it's been 14 years since the last time. However I had no doubts in buying this. I think the graphical update is fitting and it's much better on the eyes had the original graphcis been here. Plus I've already experienced the original graphics so many times before and can play it at any time so I wouldn't have bothered with this version if it had the original textures. Anyway I'm not sure if can recommend this if it's your first Final Fantasy game but do read up about it and decide for yourself.
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Microsoft from Deutsch
The game I started about 10 years ago (5 minutes), had no desire and put it aside. Now I tried it again. The game starts quite interesting, the story of the main character is revealed bit by bit. Also the system of creating espers is quite interesting. But I would like to have once traveled to the land of the Espers, which the player is denied. In the end, I was not so keen on competing against the final boss anymore. The story is by and large not terrific and she lacks depth. The graphics were not bothered. Pity!
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Microsoft from Spain
The game is very good, it is a perfect remake of the original, BUT, if you are looking for a good time and enjoy a beautiful story forget, buy the final fantasy vii, the chrono trigger or any other, the DIFFICULTY OF THIS GAME IS HIGH , a totally unbalanced game that will make you lose all the gaming experience, if you are a hardcore gamer you will enjoy it a lot, but if you are looking for an entertaining gaming experience THIS IS NOT YOUR GAME, the design will be on your face, there will be a thousand things that you learn only when you have no other option than to restart the game after playing for hours, in short, DO NOT BUY THIS GAME !!! BUY ANY OTHER !!!!