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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 review
by Dormant

Fuck you Beenox and fuck your hero/menace shit.

They added realistic aspect in web swinging so you can not anymore shoot web just at sky if there is no building or something around you - sound great but in reality there are situations when you flying right into the building and spamming button and spidey says: "ooh I don't know where to shoot web at" - oh shut the fuck up spidey!

Plot is cringey, but who cares. Most of the boss fights are pretty good, but electro boss fight is something extra, it's like really good.

Amazing soundtrack most of the times.

Different suits provide different combat animations.

Combats are slightly simpler than in first game, web swinging in theory sound better but in reality seems like first game was better at this... But you barely can play first game on PC today, so...

Graphics are okay, NY looks pretty nice and even despite dorky web swinging, it would be nice to free roam in game after completing the story to collect collectables and other stuff, but for some reason Beenox decided to choke you the fuck up. After beating the story you still have to constantly beat millions of the same side quests with extremely repetitive gameplay and if you not gonna do this, you will become a fucking menace and all around the city there will be flying robots that will shoot you, isn't it nice? NO, ACTUALLY IT'S NOT.

If you not a Spider-Man fan it's easy skip.