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The Amazing Spider-Man review
by Dormant

The main problem of this game is that it's too freaking long, if they shorten it up in half it would be much better.

Game is not very bad, it's really mid, but the thing is when mid game turns to be ass-long it becomes bad. Bosses are mid, side-quests are mid, combats are mid - and all this stuff will be repeated hundred times with almost no changes at all. It's crazy how sometimes game throws at you 20 exactly the same side quests in between the story missions and you can skip them, but the thing is that they are better than story missions...

The only thing that was made good is the web swinging and the NY.

Also collectables in this game are EVIL. It's not just that is too much of them, but also theirs locations - they hidden through the levels and most of the time it's completely ruining dynamics if you trying to collect them all.
However I did collect all 700 pages because NY looks dope and it's fun to swing around.

The story... Maybe it wasn't that bad at the beginning, but they couldn't save the narrative pace, it's so uneven and rough. There was moment when whole fn NY was in apocalyptic fire-shit because of the matrix-like freaking sentinels robots, and ten minutes after NY is the same again. like wtf. And it happens again in the end.

And it doesn't make sense for me how this version of Spidey easily beats gigantic snake-killer-robo-machines but struggles to fight with bunch of little bots or group of infected bums... 

Also, there is free roam available after story and you can easily set any day-time you want, not like on sequel.

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