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Venba review
by kz4

In terms of gameplay, this is a basic point-and-click, the complexity of which lies in the correct sequence of actions and the ingredients, and if you don`t know English at the conversational level, then it will be very difficult to understand, especially at the last levels, there are quite a few dishes in the game, lless than 10, and the main timing is occupied by animated cutscenes telling a rather everyday story about moving and lack of money, as well as about the importance of maintaining communication with parents, and we often have timeskeeps, hop and now Venba is already a grandmother, hop and the son is already at the age of the father, we don`t even have time to feel the characters in 1-2 hours of timing. IIndian songs annoyed me in culinary episodes, so the "cultural" bias in the game is clearly not for everyone, isn`t suitable for everyone, but you can learn some interesting facts about food if, again, you know English. Nevertheless, I cannot but note the pleasant visual part of the game, it’s impossible to hate the game for “average”, probably suitable for fans of cooking or simple cute games, but I would also recommend you to try the "Assemble with Care" game, although the story there is also weak.

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