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Sniper Elite 5 review
by xXWoodinatorXx

One mission in and it’s definitely already better than sniper elite 4. The gameplay feels better.

This game is great. I like its structure more and the gameplay way more. There’s still some rough areas. Like climbing is awkward. But I’m really liking it. It’s reminding me of MGSV. Not nearly as good but a similar style almost. Plus the WW2 levels have been pretty great so far. 

I’m enjoying both action and stealth gameplay so far. It’s fun going full commando and just trying to survive in a Firefight. But it’s also fun going for a full stealth run where I save a thousands times while crafting the perfect run. It’s making me want to give hitman another shot. I feel like I should like hitman. Maybe I had the wrong mindset the first time. Food for thought.

This is a big glow up from sniper elite 4. For me at least. I bailed on SE4 quickly. Thought it felt terrible to play. This one’s a good game.

I realize I think I like the general chaos a bit more than the sneaky “planned” routes, but both styles have been fun.

Nah maybe not, I might like the stealthy hitman but with better gun play style of play. I’m really liking this game. It’s fun. Thinking I might replay some missions. I never thought I would have ever done that. I really want a suppressor for a rifle. Then I’ll be deadly.

Had a suppressed sniper for the final two missions. It was great. I even got three jager kills in one mission. Fun game. In classic fashion I had intentions of replaying some earlier missions on hard mode, but then the second I finished the last mission I was like nah I’m good. That was fun. I don’t need to run it back though.

Final Score: B+