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Trek to Yomi review
by BloodScorchedSun

I liked the overall look and style of the game. It does a great job with it's harkening back to the classic samurai movies of old. Overall I think it played fine but it does suffer from poorly thought out combos. There are many sidescrollers that use directions + an input to do certain moves, which is fine, but a lot of people, myself included, move and attack. So instead of doing a good combo I'd be doing the lunge attack instead. The other thing that stood out was the lack of consistency in difficulty. There were a few times I'd have a lot of trouble with an enemy, taking over 6 hits to kill them. Then the very next fight I would one shot them. No idea what was up with that. I do think the game ran a little long when it got near the conclusion.

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The game was ok and short. Played it on the easiest difficulties so didn't want much of a challenge. Even then, there were still some areas where I died. Played it on the series x, and on certain areas the game felt sluggish. The story was so so.
Incredible visuals lackluster gameplay
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I’ve played a few hours and I think I feel the same way pretty much everyone else feels. The game looks sweet and the combat feels like total garbage. It’s a big disappointment. I’m totally down for a cool looking side scrolling samurai game but it’s not very fun to play. The timing on the combat is so awful. There is also no depth and it’s very repetitive.

Not finishing this game. The gameplay is so boring and the cool black and white style isn’t nearly enough to overcome how boring it is and how bad it feels to play.

Final Score: B-
«Waste of time»