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GTFO review
by zNeverSleep

I enjoyed the concept and I'm curious about what these developers could achieve if this game were AAA and had more content.

The idea is fantastic, and the execution creates a captivating atmosphere. It instills a sense of insecurity where communication and coordination are essential. Ammunition is scarce, the map is hostile, resources are hard to come by, and enemies are ruthless. All of these factors contribute to the game's uniqueness. If you have three friends who are committed to learning the game, you're in for an enjoyable experience. However, if you're playing solo, the gameplay isn't the main focus here. Unfortunately, the game doesn't maintain my interest over time.

I've played for 30 hours and nearly reached the end of Rundown 2.0. It was fun, but the game lacks progression. You start with all the guns, and the cosmetic options are somewhat lacking. Additionally, there's no actual storyline. While you can read documents, they don't contribute to a "real" overarching plot. The dialogues are repetitive and become annoying after a while.

Customization, proper progression, and an engaging plot are all areas where the game falls short. As a result, I kinda quit "too early."

On the technical side, the audio design is quite impressive, although the graphics could be better given the price point. The map design stands out, but it does become monotonous after a while. Lastly, optimization could be significantly improved.
«Constantly dying and enjoy it»
«Better with friends»