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Watch Dogs review
by BloodScorchedSun

I really like the overall premise of this game, the hacking and constant surveillance dystopia. The gameplay isn't anything crazy but the cover system and shooting feels good. Then again, Ubisoft is good at making third person shooters. I will say the drive is a little wonky. It's not terrible in all cars but I think the camera not following all the time really messes up the view. There are some minor annoyances like anytime you come back after quitting you have to listen to an unskippable phone call. There is also a digital trip that is almost impossible to beat because of poor mechanics. Aiden is also a weird protagonist. On one hand, the voice actor does a good job and the character at times is great but overall he is a giant edgelord. It also doesn't really fit for me that his motivation is towards his niece's murder. The drive he has really just feels more like a dad avenging their kid or a husband their wife. I have to imagine there was a version of this where it was his kid but got changed for some reason. I think what this game does best is to set the groundwork for the sequel which is much much better and just has a more upbeat tone, despite the dystopia. It is always nice to see when games just give you the list of collectibles or reveal them gradually. Coming off a game where it had a terrible ping system, it really makes you appreciate it. 

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Gameplay 8/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 8/10
Soundtrack 9/10
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Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Despite the many Enclosures because of the Graphics that looked different on the E3 (actually, you know that the Rendered Trailers are), the Game itself is pretty good. Everything follows the afficoned Ubisoft formula: Hack CtOS towers to unlock the Map or Missions, events, Etc. The Story is acceptable to very good, there are some interesting Characters like Lucky Quin or even the Protagonist himself, Aiden Pears. The City looks good, the Soundtrack succeeded. Through MP3 Apps on your own Smartphone in the Game, the Game gets its very own Charm when you drive through The huge Buildings of Chicago at night with chilly music. Gameplay: + New gameplay elements such as the Hacking + Unused setting and still up-to-date (Everything gets digital, CtOS = surveillance, Networking And Co.) + Beautiful reasonably "okay"-sized game world-The hacking Is too easy, usually Enough to press a Button and the Hack Is completed-few Hacks make the Hacking in itself seem partly monotonous-(personally) too few Weapons extensions and the Character regenerates in the case of Injuries themselves (find media kits better)-From the Story and the current Topic (especially NSA and Co.) Would have been done more MUST A very good Aspect is Multiplayer. This has not been seen In this definition yet. Being hacked in the middle of the Game by other Players definitely makes you Feel good if that should get annoying after a Time can turn it off as well. But here I am unfortunately missing the multiplayer aspect from Far Cry 4, together with a Friend to be able to explore the whole Game world, complete Missions and Side Tasks. Overall, Watch _ Dogs is a successful Game, which you should definitely recommend, despite one or the other important Giving away points in Terms of Story and Gameplay on the Part of Ubisoft, it's worth its Money. Ubisoft should now show its Communtiy that they can do a lot better with a Watch _ Dogs 2 and have taken the Criticisms to Heart. Rating: 7/10-for now 30 Euros, there is nothing wrong here!
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
There's something else to go! But don't fall bad! The Game is not bad, no question. But Nevertheless I want to list here what I did not like well but also what I liked very much about this Game. KONTRA First of all something bad and the Graphics. To that's to say that the Graphics are generally not very bad, it just doesn't offer what you expected (at least me). And for that the fact that it is not so good Graphics, however, it eats up massively Capacities. I Also have to mention that there were Problems with the Multiplayer at the beginning OF RIESIGE. He was not Playable For the Most Than one at Uplay thanks to the server overload and when there was always the Problem that you flew out of a session. I also expected more from The Multiplayer: The Game Modes that are offered there are quite manageable and most of them do not make fun on time. Something that was also advertised very large was the fluid transition of Single-player and Multiplayer. Although he does what he is supposed to, this usually disturbs when you are about to take a mission on your way away and then disturbed. For luck, however, this could be turned off. Even the initial but not grade small bugs of the Game let players no longer play the Game after the End of the Story, because this Tumped off right in front of the main Menu. However, This has now been fixed. Of course, I don't just want to write about the bad sides of the Game also get good. PRO I personally found the Story The pinnacle of the Game. This was logically structured and also quite varied. The Protagonists were also thoughtfully and Intelligibly written. The Game world is well worked out and also filled with living. I Would also Like to Highlight the majority of Mini-games here. I Also found the Skill Tree well done. The Free Mode in Multiplayer has also brought some variety anchdem the server problems have been Fixed. Even though there are quite a few Negative Points I have to say I Recommend this Game to those who like a good story, the idea of controlling a City but also those who like to shoot everything short and small when it suits them. 88/100 Points