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Payday 3 review
by xXWoodinatorXx

It’s always annoying when a game forces you to make some specific account in order to play. It’s even more frustrating when after I do those multiple steps it just gives me some error and I can’t play anyways. Not a strong first impression.

Competed the first mission. Pretty simple but it’s the learning mission. The gameplay feels alright. A bit better than I expected to be honest, but the game itself seems pretty meh. Maybe it will grab me but my current guess is that I’ll test out each level once, maybe twice, and then probably move on. I don’t anticipate the progression system to do much for me. This feels like a “play a few rounds just to see how it is since it’s on gamepass” kind of game but we will see if it becomes anymore more.

Did the next mission, took two attempt to beat it. It isn’t like this game is awful but it just seems very shallow. These don’t feel like big fun elaborate heists. They also don’t feel super flexible in how you beat them, go in loud or quite seems like the main options you have. I browsed thought the unlock and progression system to see if it looks like it will expand and it’s very limited. I’m done. Not spending more time with this. Not adding this to my games rankings either since I maybe spent an hour and half total before deciding it’s not worth my time. I’m chocking it up as a gamepass dud. 

Final Score: B-

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