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Pizza Possum review
by kz4

A micro-masterpiece, a kind of “sketching” of a very unusual game design, which combines a dynamic runner and a little stealth, one large multi-level mountain↑ location awaits you, divided into closed sections, as if thought out to the smallest detail, for the accumulation of a certain scale with tons of food ̶s̶c̶a̶m̶m̶e̶d̶ consumed, you will receive a key to the next section, the direction of which is given to your preference or your accidental touch on a nearby fence, your task is to get to the very top and eat the coolest pizza, along the way you can farm achievements or try to collect all the cupcakes, It is necessary to play together - you can resurrect a friend simply by touching the scoundrel who kidnapped him; when you die, you lose all progress up to the checkpoint (the doors further down the mountain ↓ close), and when you die after the 1st playthrough, all progress in opening the end credits, which opens after 3 playthroughs, is reset to zero (you can close the game and save progress). Of course, after an hour of playing you become very tired of such a frantic pace, the game is already boring, devs could add some more modifiers and increase the repetativity, but I’m just delighted with the concept of the game, just give the authors a budget for a full-fledged project - just imagine what they will do. p.s. There are also power-ups, but the bomb is too unbalanced for my me.

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