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Warhammer 40,000: Darktide review
by xXWoodinatorXx

First impressions. Seems like Vermintide except I probably like the art style and setting more. Fun playing coop with Hayden for this one, definitely rough around the edges though and I’m not sure how much content is really here yet.

I’m having fun playing coop. It’s a decent turn off your brain game. The melee has a decent feel to it. I didn’t love the ogryn’s first few guns but the last couple have been alright. The missions have been decent. There’s a good flow to them. I do feel as soon as my characters progression slows down to much im going to end up getting bored. But we will see.  

Had a couple really fun sessions in a row. When the difficulty is tuned just right and you need to stick together as a squad, the combat is great. It has a good feel to it and it’s super intense. I’ve also found a gun I like now. The twin barrel big heavy machine gun is awesome. I wasn’t a big fan of the shotguns and missile launcher. Also this game has a surprisingly great skill tree.

The cosmetics are quite weak. For a game if this style there should be more and better options for cosmetics that don’t need real money. Things are over priced and there aren’t many good items.

I became pretty great as the ogryn with a shield and machine gun. I decided to start a new character as well to test out some new guns. Went with the zealot because the chainsaw swords look sick.

Went back to ogryn for a bit. Got him to level 30. I’m starting to get a bit fatigued. I down to olay more but will probably only do coop with Hayden. This game surpassed my expectations though. It was quite a fun time, despite some major flaws and seemingly slimy developer decisions.

Final Score: B+

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