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Pentiment review
by Ivan Karmanov

+ Amazing visuals and sound design
+ Great historical quotes and tips
+ Good design of a game written in a book with various text typing, text removing etc
+ The game punishes you a lot. Great not to be able to score success all the time
+ Great concept with murder investigation: lacking time, unexpected wasting time, murderer decision and how it
affects story
+ Great story!

- at the end you understand that you choices made small impact
- last chapter is straightforward, just reading, no decisions at all
- for the painting would be great to show sketches to understand what will the painting looks like with your decision. It's hard to imagine the picture with a short text line
- no switch version

Other reviews2

this game makes me see the lack of options in this website's rating system. i find it a bit hard to put my thoughts about pentiment into words. i don't know if i have ever played a game that made me feel so interested in a world that sounds kinda boring at first glance. i learned so much from this game. about history and religion and people and psychology. it's amazing how well-written these characters are. there is no right or wrong in this story and that makes such a huge difference.

quite a passive game, but there was so much thought put into it and you could feel it in every second of the game. it felt a tiny tint bit dragged out but i am sososo happy i stuck around for the end. it took me a long ass time to finish it but i will think about it for a long time to come !