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Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon review
by something

it s build like an arcade game and very similar to ace combat. u have a lot of mission that are short or longer ( 5min to 30 min ). u have to choose your build for every mission and that force u to make concience decission on your style of play. the boss are super great and very majestic and cinematic. the music is time to time super good. The gameplay is quick, responsive and adictive. U will known very quick if u like it or not. But when u have learned it and known the dance it became really great. U dont have one stupid mecanic all is very tide and work well together. the story does his job but it s more about the ambiance than the story itself. i played on pc, no bug, no crash the game run supper well. im just disapointed they made the boss easier with the patch so i have to play an hacked version simply to not have the update. when u finish the game u can do another plauythrough where u have some change in mission and objectif regarding the first playtrought and im actually enjoying the second one and it s just a super addtition to have good suprise time to time. since u have branch in the story it s also good to see what are all the possibility. it s not for everyone but if u ilke it it will become a classic for u
«Blew my mind»
«Just one more turn»
«Can’t stop playing»
«Constantly dying and enjoy it»
«Beaten more than once»

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Combat was frantic and fun but the world/story was too disjointed for my liking. Menu, dropped into a level, repeat. A sense of exploration and adventure is nowhere to be found. 

Date Completed: 2024-02-19
Playtime: 16h 
Enjoyment: 7/10 
Recommendation: If you like mechs and don't mind the punishment
Typical FromSoftware excellence.
«Constantly dying and enjoy it»
«OST on repeat»
The mechs look awesome and you can customize your heart out. The boss fights are cool as well and you can really give yourself an edge with the proper mech build, particularly with regards to the weapons you’re bringing. This also factors into the difficulty: if you’re struggling with a fight/level, you really have to figure out what’s giving you trouble and change your gear accordingly, which is a lot of fun. 
It’s not the prettiest game, a lot of the screen will look grey the entire time and the textures for the environment are quite basic, which is fine, that’s not what the game is about, but don’t expect a visually impressive current gen game. It does run very well and feels very good to play! The story is alright, but I wasn’t too invested. You can replay levels and try to get the highest ranking, which is cool, but not something in particular that I care about. 

I had a good time! Finished it in 30 or so hours and will definitely replay it again in a couple of months!