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Signalis review
by xXWoodinatorXx

Only just started and pretty much just beat the intro so I’m still very early on. I like the vibes and atmosphere but I am worried the actual game is going to be very boring for me. Super early on but I hope we get more “systems” and gameplay loops. Right now it seems likes it mostly a walking simulator but I heard it’s a survival horror which I’m more into.

It’s creative for sure and I’m definitely curious to see where it goes. I don’t like the gameplay so far though and I’m worried I’ll constantly get lost and eventually bored.

Inventory management is way too restrictive. 6 items? 2 are always going to be a gun and item. Then at least 1 needs to be a healing item. Ideally 1 is ammo. So you get 2 slots for key items? It’s not enough. I’m already sick of walking back and forth from the storage box.

Got to the first boss fight and idk, I’m curious to see what happens story wise but besides that I really don’t like Signalis at all. I’m actually quite disappointed because I heard really good things and it looked like a cool game but the gameplay is so awful, I’m getting lost to often and story beats aren’t coming quick enough to keep me interested.

If it wasn’t leaving gamepass soon I’d probably stick with a few more times, maybe, but right now I’m not feeling it. I gave it a solid try. Like 5 hours on my save file (but I think that’s a bit high from me leaving my controller and game on). It’s not working for me though.

Final Score: B-

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I really enjoyed this throwback to the classic horror games of the early Playstation. I think it functions very well and they did a great job with having communism be the reason you can't horde items. The only issue I had was trouble seeing some stuff because of the visuals and the prompt for entering a room or picking up items being finnicky. They did a great job with the eerie Lovecraftian horror going on in the background, especially the screen glitches and messages. 
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