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Marvel's Spider-Man 2 review
by xXWoodinatorXx

Concise Review:
It’s better than the previous two games in pretty much every way but it’s also my least favourite because it’s very similar and after swinging around this city for the third time it just isn’t the same.

Journal Style Review:
Opening Impressions: The opening is alright. I’m not the biggest fan of sandman in general so that opening fight was fine but idk, it’s not satisfying punching sandmen that just come back again. Then it takes a bit to get going again, which is understandable as they are setting up the story, but maybe don’t throw two non spidey missions in a row within the first hour?

 I didn’t think 2018 or Miles had that great a story so we will see where this one lands. The set up so far has been decent.

MJ looks kind of bad. I’m not sure exactly what it is, but it’s giving uncanny valley vibes.

My stupidly early prediction is that I’ll rank this better than miles but but worse than 2018, even though this one will be objectively the best, I doubt it hits the same way the first did. But we will see.

As expected I am having a lot of fun once the game opened up more, which didn’t take long. I also have barely scratched the surface on suits but I’m already finding a bunch of suits and styles that I like. Adding 4 color options per suit (at least for the majority) is awesome.

So far I don’t love the side missions, they aren’t bad, but the amount of non spidey stuff is too high. I don’t want to ride a bike through a park as Peter Parker. I don’t. The science puzzles have been fine so far but they havnt been fun or engaging. The spidey stuff is great though and I love how many different things there are to upgrade and unlock. I like the early Kraven stuff too. Kraven might be one of the cooler spidey villains.

Peter Parker carnival mission another example of the misses. They aren’t fun and the story or character building isn’t good enough to keep me interested for those long stretches of walking.

And followed up by a career fair side mission for miles…. 

Okay I had a good couple gaming sessions. I’d guess I’m like 40% of the the way through? I now have the venom suit and powers, which I’m liking. Well I like the powers, the suit is so so. It looks too wet and slimy for my liking. 

Second symbiote suit is better. I like it. I’m not loving the typical spidey acts like a dick because of the suit phase. It’s overplayed and always seems corny. Idk. It isn’t working.

Still plenty of game left to be played but I’m pretty far along the skill tree and the various upgrades. I’ve played enough that I have a good sense of the gameplay, side quests and overall vibe. I can now say pretty confidently that this is my least favourite of the three, but also that it’s the best in a direct comparison. There are subtle improvements to gameplay and the amount of content, but it’s mostly just another Spider-Man game. It’s very similar and the wow factor has disappeared. Still a great game. I mean it’s an A-. That’s great. But I thought this would have a chance at hitting top tier and it never got close.

Maybe the best way to say it is this game played it very very safe. And I wish they took a few more chances.

Just did the part where you play as venom then killed Kraven. That was fun. Then the map becomes infested with venom people. I didn’t expect that. I take a little bit back about it playing it safe. It’s not ground breaking but I didn’t see it coming.

Current Score: A-

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